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Got Milk? ‘American Horror Stories’ “Milkmaids” Is Udderly Disgusting And Genius – S2 Ep4 Recap

At midnight on Thursday, August 11, 2022, American Horror Stories fans from all around the country tuned into Hulu for the long awaited fourth episode of the show, titled “Milkmaids.” Many of them were eager to see the return of Cody Fern (Apocalypse, 1984, Double Feature) while others were simply …

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Monsters Exist – Trailer And Release Date For Adam Spinks’ ‘The Encounter At Boundless’ Horror Short

One of the cool things that came out of The Year of Covid is the influx of creativity and imagination. Rather than being constantly dragged into stimulation after stimulation, we were forced to sit around and be bored. Trust me, being bored is a good thing. The only time you …

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Paul Shuyler’s ‘Red River Road’ (2021): A Psychological Slow Burn – Movie Review

As any horror fan knows, some tropes have been positively done to death, but every so often, someone comes along with a genuinely fresh take on a familiar theme and blows you away with their unique approach. Red River Road just may be one of those takes. Directed by Paul …

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Brazil’s Fantaspoa Film Festival Announces First Half Of Their 2021 Feature Lineup

Fantaspoa Fantastic Film Festival

Fantaspoa Fantastic Film Festival announced recently via Deadline that, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, its seventeenth edition will again be held online and completely free of charge. The 2021 edition of the beloved South American genre festival is supported by a special grant from the Brazilian government, which is …

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Norman Reedus Releases New ‘THE WALKING DEAD’ Photography Book

Portraits From The Woods

The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus is quite the photographer. Reedus’s camera work is on full display in his new photography book, Portrait From The Woods! This 144 page tome chronicles a striking visual history of AMC’s popular zombie show. Proceeds benefit COVID-19 relief! Read on for all the details! …

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Interview With ‘Slayed’ Directors Jim Klock And Mike Capozzi

Yes, I’m talking about Massacre On Aisle 12 (2016 – read our review here) again. I can’t help it. This time, I’m talking to the film’s director, Jim Klock, who has just announced a new holiday horror film called Slayed, which was co-directed by him and Filmmaker Mike Capozzi. I was honored …

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{EXCLUSIVE} Interview With ‘Massacre On Aisle 12’s Chad Ridgely On New Project, ‘Self-Isolated’

In the indie horror world, Chad Ridgely (Massacre On Aisle 12 2016 – read our review here) is a man I admire. Not only does this multi-talented actor/director/producer/writer involve himself in one of my favorite subgenres—horror comedies—he also comes up with his own unique ideas and doesn’t rest until he …

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Waylon Bacon’s ‘Bro!’- A Pandemic Short Film Review


How’s everyone holding up during the COVID-19 pandemic? I am an “essential” employee, so I have been out working with the public throughout this pandemic. To say it’s an stressful is an understatement. While the nation has been opening up more, I am still not going anywhere other than work …

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The Best Horror-Themed COVID-19 Memes… So Far

Stay In

Times are tough. We’re all stressed out. People are out of work. The stock market is tanking. Let’s face it: it’s a shit show out there! So, how is everyone coping? Why, the best they can, of course! Just as we all must do. One thing I’ve found that helps …

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L.A. Indie Artist Tom MacDonald Tackles Current Viral Events

Although I’m maintaining a good sense of humor through the tough times currently facing the world, I still wake up every day in disbelief… and I’m sure I’m not the only one. In horror, we love films about plagues, diseases, viruses and global pandemics. Unnervingly, current events seem to mirror …

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