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‘Severance’ (2006) Is A Stark Reminder That Corporate Team Building Exercises Can Be Literal Hell – Retro Review

Ah, Team Building Exercises. During my five year tenure at a corporation, I can honestly say that nothing, NOTHING, was more torturous that than those horrific hours spent “bonding” awkwardly with my co-workers. So when the talented director of Creep (the 2004 version with Franka Potente), Christopher Smith, made Severance, …

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What’s New in Horror for April 2017

Alas, April seems like a bum month for big budget theatrical horror releases. But do not despair! Just because Hollywood is holding off on theater releases this month doesn’t mean that the indie filmmakers aren’t hooking us up. There’s also quite a few DVD, Blu-ray and VOD offerings to whet …

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