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Paulo Leite’s ‘Inner Ghosts’ (2019) Is A Truly Original Ghost Story

“If ghosts are real and haunt a specific location, then they must have some memory of who they are.” In the new film, Inner Ghosts, which was written and directed by Paulo Leite (Desencontros TV series), we meet Helen (Celia Williams: The Hunchback 2016), a gifted medium who lost both …

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‘Inner Ghosts’ is Set to Haunt the New Year

Coming soon on DVD and Digital is a new supernatural horror film directed by Paulo Leite (A Ilha dos Caes): Inner Ghosts. The film stars Celia Williams (Above Suspicion), Elizabeth Bochmann (The Hunchback), Iris Cayatte (Obsessive Rhythms), Norman MacCallum (Belmonte), and Amanda Booth. Inner Ghosts will be available on DVD and Digital on …

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