Parasites (2017)- A Long, Dark, Raw and Dirty Road

As the old adage says, “What’s understood doesn’t have to be explained.” Basically, the product should speak for itself otherwise the repercussions could be fatal. Parasites doesn’t just speak for itself; it yells proudly and for good reason. This is a film that has it all – the main reason that it works is because the writers didn’t try to over-complicate the plot. They kept it simple, raw, and dirty and I loved every moment of it. They also took a giant risk with the ending and earned my respect by doing so. Allow me to explain to you why this is a piece of art its purest form.

Parasites oozes suspense and overflows with terror throughout its run. It doesn’t take time for a lead-up, which is risky because it could turn some people off of a film without a sturdy backstory. Don’t let this deter you from continuing on. This is how keeping it simple is supposed to work and they produced an amazing horror film because of it.

The plot is simple. Three college students end up stranded in downtown LA (Skid Row). They’re attacked and abducted by a gang of homeless people who intend on killing them. You will spend a very long night with the Parasites characters and it is well worth it by the film’s shocking conclusion.

It may sound very simple but this story takes place during a very long night where, much like the characters, you will be exhausted and ready to give up. That is what a good horror film does. It takes you on a journey, puts you in the characters’ shoes, and simultaneously terrifies and beats the hell out of you so you remember it for years to come. While the gang of homeless men do a great job at being terrifying, there is one front-runner that carried this film effortlessly.

Sean Samuels forces you to be in the trenches of this terrifying night with him. I was impressed that someone with such little acting experience performed as well as he did. He carries this film on his shoulders effortlessly and gives an emotional depth to his character that was necessary and appreciated. He is a gift to the genre and the acting community. By the end of this film, you’ll love him and will be rooting for him to succeed with everything inside of you.

Another thing that Parasites has going for it is isolation. I commend the filmmakers on taking an incredibly busy city and making it feel like a deserted wasteland. This made me feel helpless at times and really dialed up the terror for me. If you couple the setting with the relentless vagrants, add the incredibly talented lead, and mix in some gore, you get the perfect recipe for a successful horror film. Yet that is not all that Parasites is; as I said in the beginning, it is a piece of art.

Without giving anything away about the ending, I have to compliment this film on doing what art is supposed to do. It is supposed to challenge authority, mimic real life, be raw and unforgiving, and inspire change. Within the last two minutes of this film, it does all of this and demands that you hear it. Parasites suddenly switches from a fun, yet exhausting, horror film and blossoms in to a discussion piece.

Sean Samuels, thank you for your talent. It demanded that we become emotionally invested in your character, which was pivotal for this film’s goal. Thank you, Chad Ferrin, for writing and directing such an important piece of art. The film community needs more people that do just that. Thank you most of all for giving a purpose to horror films instead of just doling out another 90 minutes of the “same old same old.” I feel privileged to review it and have the opportunity to convince as many people as possible to give it a shot.

You can rent or own Parasites on January 24th, 2017 via Digital HD. I highly recommend it and I rarely do that. It is our responsibility, as consumers, to invest in what we want to see. Parasites is what we, as horror fans, need and want from every film we give a chance to see. Do not let this one pass you by. I can’t wait to give this film my money once available.

About Preston Holt

At 5 years old i was catapulted in to the horror genre and have had no desire to ever leave it. I'm 26 years old with a great sense of humor and a thirst for the horror industry that just will never be quenched. I have a horror review site of my own called cabinintheweb reviews and when I'm not writing about, or watching, horror films, I am spending time with my spouse and my animals.

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  1. Thank you for that killer review, Preston! We are all very proud of Parasites and we hope everyone tunes in January 24th when Parasites will be available to rent or own in the US and Canada on iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play, Vudu and Xbox.
    – Robert “Corpsy” Rhine / Executive Producer of Parasites / co-stars as Spade / Girls and Corpses Presents

  2. Tim Bob "Thunderhorse" Halpin (aka CHAIN)

    Very impressed with your review young man. Very accurate, very insightful, indeed PARASITES is an amazing motion picture! Your comments about Sean Samuels are worthy too. The chemistry of the story, the cast, the directing and the very character of all night LA skid row is another cast member of the already excellent ensemble. One thing you might mention, though maybe without benefit of a theatre showing you would never know, is the amazing soundtrack of this film. It’s starkly naked, in your ear, heartbeat still at times and as good as some former Oscar winning films such as THE FRENCH CONNECTION, where in that film too they used some of the city and mechanical sounds and converted them into the rhythm of the music…oh yea, one more thing, star Robert Miano (WILCO in the film) sings some of the music vocals in the film too. I compare Chad Ferrin’s directing in this film BOLD, BRAVE and GUTSY with constant action interspersed with long moments of quiet nighttime silences, breathing and even crickets! I put countryfied style-like directing of CHAD FERRIN in this film at the same master level of the young citified version of master Director Mark Rydell .(Cowboys, The ROSE, JAMES DEAN)

    • First, thank you for your compliments. They mean a lot. I agree with everything you just said. The soundtrack of this film was just flawless. At times it brought me back to the 80’s when horror was legendary and certain chords and sounds would make you feel like, “oh yeah this is definitely a horror movie.” I am so beyond grateful for getting to watch this and have the pleasure of reviewing it. I hope it gets in front of enough eyes so that it can get the acclaim it deserves!