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Horror-On-Sea 2023 Film Festival – ‘Her Name Was Christa’ (2020) – Movie Review

Her Name Was Christa

Next up in our Horror-On-Sea 2023 Film Festival coverage, we had the chance to check out the uber-creepy film, Her Name Was Christa. It’s one sick, twisted journey that’s nearly impossible to shake. Check out the trailer below, then read on for our review! Her Name Was Christa (2020) Synopsis …

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‘American Guinea Pig: Bouquet of Guts and Gore’ (2014) Movie Review

When I first unknowingly stumbled into the Unearthed Films’ American Guinea Pig series, it was with Stephen Biro’s possession feature, Song of Solomon (read our review here). The gruesome practical effects matching Jessica Cameron’s devilish performance along with that infamous vomit scene made this feature an instant indie hit. How much …

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‘Lycanimator’ Trailer and Poster Drop!

The trailer for the new low budget indie romp Lycanimator from Melting Man Films is here and, let’s just say, fans of micro-budget monster/gore flicks are in for a big treat. With a completely off the wall title which mixes Lycanthrope, the name for werewolf with the cult horror hit …

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