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Network Bringing Two British Horror Classics To Blu-ray Soon

'Dark Eyes Of London' and 'The Monster'

Network is bringing two British horror classics to Blu-ray for the first time. Just in time for Halloween! We’re talking about Human Monster, aka Dark Eyes Of London (1939), and The Monster, aka I Don’t Want To Be Born (1975). Both feature all-star casts and a host of special features. …

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‘Maniac’ (1980) Gets The 4k Restoration Blu-ray Treatment

Maniac (1980)

Some movie posters stick with you more than others. As a child of the ’80s growing up in the video store era, I can tell you without hesitation that Maniac (1980) is one such poster. It’s that iconic artwork that originally drew me to Maniac. Let me tell you, it’s …

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PopHorror Interviews Tony Jopia, Director of ‘Cute Little Buggers’

Filmmaker Tony Jopia has been making dark comedies for nearly fifteen years. I honestly hadn’t heard of him until I watched his film, Cute Little Buggers (you can check out my review of the film here). As the final credits rolled, I knew Tony Jopia has a head and heart for …

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‘Cute Little Buggers’ (2016) You’ll Never See Bunnies the Same Way Again

Close your eyes and picture the ugliest, slimiest, hairiest, bloodthirstiest monster that your brain will allow you to imagine. Got it? Now do the same thing, only let yourself focus on the fluffiest, cuddliest, sweetest creature possible, one you would let sleep next to your newborn baby in its cradle. …

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Lionsgate/Vestron Returning To ‘Slaughter High!’

Lionsgate Publicity sends word that Slaughter High is coming to the Vestron Video Collector’s Series Blu-ray this Halloween! The news comes hot on the heels of their badass Warlock, Wishmaster, and Unholy Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray releases. These guys always do great work, so this will be a must have for …

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‘Gremlins Meets ‘Hot Fuzz’ in the New Creature Feature ‘Cute Little Buggers’

If you love horror films about chaotic little critters, you’ll definitely want to check out the upcoming horror story Cute Little Buggers! We can’t wait to see this one! Learn more about the film down below. Official Press Release: Tony Jopia’s highly anticipated comedy-horror hybrid Cute Little Buggers has found a …

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