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‘Close Calls’ (2017) A Bizarrely Brilliant Trip Down the Rabbit Hole

So far, 2017 has delivered a decent amount of awesome horror movies and it’s only just begun. Although there’s plenty of big blockbuster hits coming out over the next few months, some highly anticipated indies are coming too. One that I’ve been looking forward to is the retro horror thriller, Close Calls, …

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Official Trailer for “Close Calls” is Chillingly Perfect

I’ve been keeping a close eye on an upcoming film because every aspect about it has me wanting to know more. I was thrilled to discover that a new clip was released for this insanely awesome retro film. Everyone check out the newest official trailer for Close Calls by S & Drive …

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Close Calls (2017) Is Everyone Out To Get Morgan?

With 2017 just around the corner, we can’t wait to see all the new horror that the new year will bring! Close Calls is one of the upcoming horror films that we’re curious about. Check out the trailer down below. Directed and written by Richard Stringham, comes a bizarre new …

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