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All The Juicy Details for ‘In The Blink of An Eye’

In the blink of an eye

Press Release for In The Blink of An Eye The Urban Legend of The Blink Man / Peeping Tom was popularized by director Erik Kristopher Myers’ independent movie, Butterfly Kisses and now 12 authors are digging deeper into the folklore with the upcoming book by K. Patrick Glover, In The …

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Original, Brilliant ‘Butterfly Kisses’ Now Available on VOD

Now available on VOD is the unique and incredible found footage style film from director Erik Kristopher Myers (Roulette 2012) called Butterfly Kisses (read our review here). The film stars Seth Adam Kallick (author of American Nightmare: A Tale of the Dead West), Rachel Armiger (Thou Shall Not Steal 2014), and …

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‘In The Blink Of An Eye’: Horror Anthology Novel Based On The Film, ‘Butterfly Kisses’

Coming in August is an exciting new anthology of horror short stories called In The Blink of An Eye, which was based on the film, Butterfly Kisses, from the very talented director Erik Kristopher Myers. The book explores the urban legend that was introduced in Butterfly Kisses known as The …

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‘Butterfly Kisses’ Is An Ingenious Take On The Found Footage Genre

Butterfly Kisses is a new found footage horror film/mockumentary directed by Erik Kristopher Myers (Roulette 2012). The film stars Seth Adam Kallick (8 Ball Clown II 2019), Rachel Armiger (Revan 2015), and Reed DeLisle (Shelter For the Bloodstained Soul 2016). At its center, Butterfly Kisses tells the story of a …

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GenreBlast Festival Showcases Dynamic New Independent Genre Films

Between August 30th and September 2, 2018, the international independent genre film festival, GenreBlast, landed at the Alamo Drafthouse in Winchester, Virginia. Filmmakers from around the globe were in attendance. Teams from Psyborgs (dir. David Hiatt, 2016), Canada’s comically absurd riff on children’s adventure shows, and Australia’s hilariously crass Lieutenant Jangles …

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