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Chad Ridgely’s ‘Self Isolated’ (2021) Social Distancing Can Be A Real Nightmare – Movie Review

I have been waiting to review this movie for what feels like forever. Sure, it’s only been about a year since I’ve known about the existence of Chad Ridgely’s (our interview) feature film directorial debut, Self Isolated, but as soon as I’d heard about it, I was chomping at the …

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Newly Released Trailer, Release Date For Richard Rowntree’s ‘Nefarious’

After his huge success with his 2017 film, Dogged (read our review here), Director Richard Rowntree is up to no good once again with his upcoming horror/thriller, Nefarious. The crowdfunding campaign was a success and the filming is complete. Now, it’s time to release the trailer. Check it out! Synopsis for …

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PopHorror Interviews ‘Slime City’ Director Greg Lamberson

Greg Lamberson is a director, an author and a producer. He also just happens to be the genius behind the cult classic Slime City. During his career, Greg has provided some great and unique films to the horror genre. He’s currently working on a new project, Johnny Gruesome. I had the privilege of …

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