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In Defense Of Extreme Horror Films

Extreme horror films don’t get a lot of respect, and are often called unwatchable, torture porn, and even garbage. It’s understandable – it’s not a genre for everyone. For me, the violence has never been a problem as long as the filmmaker doesn’t just show it for no reason. When …

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A Sneak Peek Look At ‘A Serbian Documentary’


A Serbian Documentary is unlike any movie documentary before it. Curated from over 150 hours of behind-the-scenes footage with brand new, never-before-seen interviews with the cast and crew, this documentary is a must-have for any collector. A Serbian Documentary will answer most, if not all of the questions out there. …

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UnearthedFilms.com Re-Design Unveiled Ahead of Special Edition Release of ‘A Serbian Film’


Unearthed Films is kicking off the new year with a new website ahead of three upcoming releases, including a special edition Blu-Ray and DVD release of A SERBIAN FILM on Jan. 19. Unearthed Films is also accepting pre-orders for 29 NEEDLES, the latest addition to its Too Extreme For Mainstream …

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Unearthed Toys Line Releasing on Black Friday!

Unearthed toys

Starting tomorrow on Black Friday, Unearthed has something extra special that fans will be dying to get their hands on. Due to Stephen Biro’s exceptional experience with collector memorabilia, it’s always grinded his gears that you can’t open a toy or comic without ruining the packaging. Unearthed is excited to …

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Unearthed Films Announces Sale Of Film Props And Storyboards

Unearthed Films, a leader in bringing horror fans some of the most extreme and controversial films in cinema, just recently announced an unprecedented sale! Now, fans have the opportunity to snag screen-used props from some of the most notorious movies ever made. Films like American Guinea Pig: Bouquet of Guts …

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Still Savage – 40 Years of Shock and Awe With ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ (1980)

Let’s face it… horror by its very nature is a lightning rod for controversy. It’s the genre of film tailor-made to push the envelope, to take things to extremes where others would dare not tread. We live to test the limits of decency, to see just how much we can …

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Lucio Rojas’ ‘Trauma’ (2017) Film Review

From Chile comes Trauma, one of the most controversial films I’ve had the pleasure of viewing, although not everyone will share this opinion, I’m sure. Right up there with A Serbian Film, Trauma breeds the same kind of discontent for the country’s political regime.  Straight out of The Optical Theater Festival, Trauma …

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Scars Of Xavier (2017) Movie Review

All the way from Germany comes Scars of Xavier, a rather amazing indie offering which displays as much style, beauty and atmosphere as as it does gruesome and ghastly material. The film was directed by Kai E. Bogatzki, who was responsible for editing some pretty gory films, including Marcel Walz’s …

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My Favorite Horror Movie – ‘The Exorcist’

It’s definitely hard to narrow down my favorite horror movie, but The Exorcist is definitely up there for me. The movie also means something special to me personally, because it was the first movie I ever took my then girlfriend to see when it was re-released with an extended cut. …

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