Short Film Review – EVIL SELFIE (2016)

Back in October, we brought you news about the impending release of Eros Bosi’s short film, Evil Selfie. Well, folks, the time has come: Evil Selfie has dropped – English subtitles and all! But is it a selfie worth posting on your Facebook? 

Isabella (Chiara Palombi) loves taking selfies, especially when she’s all decked out for a night on the town. After breaking a mirror, she attempts to ward off bad luck by disposing of the fragments – and winds up becoming a who haunts the woods where Fabiano (Eros Bosi) and Mara (Diletta Vindovelli) happen to stop for a steamy make-out session – complete with selfies of course! Naturally, Isabella wants in on the action…

Evil Selfie is one of the few instances I can recall where the hair on my arms stood at attention. That’s right, we’ve got ourselves a creepy little short here, folks. Palombi’s make-up, provided by Pasquale Miele, is downright creepy and certain to send a few shivers up your spine.

And what would an Italian horror film, feature-length or otherwise, be without a bangin’ soundtrack? Featuring music by Leonardo Mansueti and Italian punk band Pedago Party ensure this is one soundtrack that’ll be going on my i-Pod, and definitely something I’ll be blasting after I’ve had a few too many drinks.

The film also rounds out the scares with a bit of humor thrown in, but this is humor with a social conscious which comments on our selfie-obsessed culture and our vanity. The film goes to show we aren’t immune from such things even after we’re dead.

Evil Selfie is another instance proving Italian horror is far from dead, and shows Bosi as an emerging talent. Not only should be on the lookout for Evil Selfie, but you would do wise to keep your eye on Bosi as well. That kid is goin’ places. 

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