Don't Look At The Demon

Official Trailer and Key Art for Upcoming Horror ‘Don’t Look At The Demon’

Check out the official trailer and key art for the new creepy horror film, Don’t Look At The Demon. The film was directed by Brando Lee as well as written by himself and Alfie Palermo. The film stars Fiona Dourif (Chucky, Tenet, The Blacklist, Shameless), Harris Dickinson (Where the Crawdads Sing, Triangle of Sadness, The King’s Man), Jordon Belfi (Entourage), and Randy Wayne (Dukes of Hazard: The Beginning).

Don't Look At The Demon

Synopsis for Don’t Look At The Demon

Led by the troubled medium Jules, played by Fiona Dourif, an American team of paranormal TV investigators, along with an American television crew of paranormal investigators goes to the home of a couple who claim to have experienced inexplicable, threatening disturbances.

Delving into the mystery, they encounter possessions and apparitions more terrifying than any they’d witnessed before – actual contact with the other side. As the cameras roll and bodies are possessed, they’re inevitably overwhelmed by this violent supernatural force. Their only hope? Jules. She refuses to face what really happened when her first supernatural encounter left her sister dead. But her dark past, if she can unlock it, may be their only hope of stopping the demon before it’s too late.

Director Brando Lee grew up on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur on a steady diet of Hollywood films like Jaws, The Exorcist, and Star Wars. He studied Film & TV at Columbia College and worked for various productions in Los Angeles. He created Brando Studios B&L Creative, which produced a stream of TV projects and theatrically released films in Malaysia. Lee also co-founded Barnstorm, which produced Don’t Look At The Demon.

“There is a Ying and Yang in all my pursuits. I believe the world should have the Good and the Bad, both Angels and Evil beings. In essence it is all about maintaining the balance of the Universe. Intrigued by experiences I have been through, I started exploring the “them” around us. I am thrilled to be able to bring my personal vision to the movie screen, with my first-hand experience showing a realistic twist to a typical possession story.”

Don’t Look At The Demon will hit theaters on October 7. Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think so far!

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