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MagellanTV Announces Ultimate Halloween Documentary Playlist

MagellanTV, a premium documentary streaming service, has a badass playlist of documentaries in honor of Halloween! We’re talking documentaries about ghosts, vampires, monsters, witches, the paranormal, and more. Many of these Halloween-themed titles are available for FREE for a limited time.

Read on for the details!

MagellanTV - War On Witches

MagellanTV’s Ultimate Halloween Playlist

Free Titles (Available for FREE: Now – 10/31/2021)

  • The Other Side – This series follows a team of paranormal investigators as they attempt to make contact with a group of unsettled spirits.
  • Boogeymen: Monsters Among Us – With a blend of investigation and eyewitness testimony, this series explores the tall-tales and stories that captivate local folks and curiosity seekers around the world.
  • Halloween: Feast of the Dying Sun – This extraordinary film delves into ancient Celtic origins and the dark fun of Halloween with an eerie journey back in time.
  • Confessions of an Alien Abductee – The film follows some of the 100 members who use the helpline, including Simon, a town councilor who believes that in addition to his earthbound wife he has a family of alien children with an alien lover.

Additional Titles – The Real Exorcist, Psychic Investigators, Anomaly, Haunting: Australia, Urban Legends, Vampire Skeletons, On the Yeti Trail, Superstitious Minds, War on Witches, Bigfoot Monster Mystery, Weird or What with William Shatner, My Mum Talks to Aliens, Westall 66: A Suburban UFO Mystery, Myths, Magic & Monsters & more.

Very cool!

Vampire Skeletons

MagellanTV is available for ROKU, Amazon Fire TV, Google Play, IOS, Vizio, and more. Get your Halloween documentary streaming fix free! If you dig it, plans start at $4.99 monthly. Download the app and start streaming today! For more info, visit

What do you think? Are you a documentary fan? Will you check out the ultimate Halloween playlist? Tell us in the comments!

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