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MagellanTV Announces Ultimate Halloween Documentary Playlist

Magellan TV

MagellanTV, a premium documentary streaming service, has a badass playlist of documentaries in honor of Halloween! We’re talking documentaries about ghosts, vampires, monsters, witches, the paranormal, and more. Many of these Halloween-themed titles are available for FREE for a limited time. Read on for the details! MagellanTV’s Ultimate Halloween Playlist …

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Scott Dunn’s ‘MANDAO RETURNS’ Is Now Available On Tubi

Mandao Returns

Scott Dunn’s sci-fi horror comedy, Mandao Returns, is the sequel to Mandao of the Dead. It is the third feature from Scott Dunn and producer Gina Gomez Dunn. The film was successfully funded via Kickstarter in only 11 days! Filming finished just two days before the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered film …

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John Carpenter Signs Exclusive Deal With Serial Box

John Carpenter

Serial Box is a studio and platform that creates and curates award-winning sci-fi, fantasy, and horror audiobooks. Their app is available on all mobile devices. Users can read or listen to weekly installments by switching modes with just a click. Serial Box brings together award-winning and best-selling authors to create …

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The SLASHER App Offering Free Advertising To Struggling Horror Businesses


SLASHER is a mobile app designed by horror lovers for horror lovers. Their goal is to make it easier for horror peeps to connect with one another in meaningful ways. Damon Della Greca, creator of the mobile horror app, is working to provide a sense of community for horror lovers …

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‘Poor Agnes’ Comes To Video On Demand In 4K!

Poor Agnes

We had the chance to watch and review Poor Agnes for the Fantasia Film Festival back in 2017. We thought it was one of the best horror films the year (read our review – here)! At long last the film is coming home. We’re happy to announce that the film …

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‘The Man With The Magic Box’ Is Heading To DVD and VOD!

The Man With The Magic Box

Everyone loves a good, dystopian sci-fi thriller, right? Of course they do! I know I can never get enough of them. So, as you can imagine, I’m super excited to check out The Man With The Magic Box. The good news is, I’ll get my chance sooner than later. Why? …

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‘Look Away’ AKA ‘Behind The Glass’ Heading To UK Video On Demand!

Look Away

We’ve had our eye on Assaf Bernstein’s Look Away (AKA Behind The Glass) for quite some time now. Our reviewer loved it, and we were even lucky enough to be able to sit down and discuss the film with Harry Potter’s Jason Isaacs at length. The film is now available …

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Terror Films, Cyfuno Ventures Ink International Distribution Deal

Terror Films

Great news, horror fans! Terror Films has teamed up with Cyfuno Ventures to release four indie horror films internationally. Each of the films has been released domestically by various distributors. Now they’re heading to digital formats in multiple countries, including the U.K., Ireland, Asia, Africa and many others. Awesome! So, …

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Get Ready To Watch Festival Darling ‘The Laplace’s Demon’!

The Laplace's Demon

Reel Nightmare Films sends word they’re bringing the festival hit The Laplace’s Demon to iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play and more On Demand platforms in the U.S. and Canada. This critically-acclaimed horror feature by Italian filmmaker Giordano Giulivi absolutely cleaned up on the festival circuit. The film won multiple …

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‘Point of Death’ Is Coming Soon To Digital Platforms

Point of Death

The Movie Partnership sends word from across the pond in London, UK, that their new horror film, Point of Death, is coming soon to digital platforms. “It’s the end of the world – at least their world” is the tagline for the disaster film, originally titled In Extremis. The American …

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