‘Jet Set L.A.’: A Delicious and Hospitable Horror Treat

There is something unique and ironically fitting about cannibals who operate a modern bed and breakfast. With vacationers simply passing through, food practically self-delivers itself to these flesh-eating hosts. This is the premise of Colin Edward Lawrence’s latest award-winning directorial horror short.

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As their guests willingly walk through their door like cows to the slaughter, proprietors Stuart (Kevin Reich) and Abby (Tara Bopp) wine and dine Jenny (Rachel Amanda Bryant: The Campus) and Aaron (Sean McBride). After dinner and several drinks, the unsuspecting couple retires to their room for the evening. However, when they overhear an alarming struggle from a neighboring room, they find that their door is locked from the outside. When Stuart and Abby finally open the door armed with cleavers, Aaron is brutally attacked. Splattered with her boyfriend’s blood, Jenny tries to escape. She is halted in terror when she sees the blood-soaked carnage throughout the house. Will she escape?

With a short runtime of 10 minutes, Jet Set L.A. packs a big punch in little time. Bryant pulls double duty co-writing and co-producing the production while starring alongside an equally talented cast. Bryant and McBride portray the perfect amount of awkwardness to be expected in the situation of dinner in a strange home, which becomes mellow after a couple of drinks. Reich brings an extra layer of uneasiness as his character seems to be a bit annoyed at this part of the evening. Bopp portrays a more grounded side of the cannibalistic couple as her character tries to keep dinner flowing smoothly to avoid suspicion of their ill intent. This adds to the surprising change in her character at the film’s brutal climax.

Jet Set L.A.

Another element that drives this feature is the cinematic imagery and the use of simple yet effective practical effects. The scene flashes and jump cuts climax gives an additional element of excitement at the film’s climax just before a bloodbath that will satisfy any horror fan of gore. Earning 3 wins and 10 nominations in the indie film festival circuit, this compelling horror short only shortcoming is that it leaves you hungry for more.

Final Thoughts

Due to its success, a full feature version of Jet Set L.A. is in the works. The script is complete. The early stages are in development. This original story will be expanded on in the very near future. For now, follow the link below and check out the brilliant short version of Jet Set L.A. free of charge. Tell us what you think in the comments!

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