Interview With Tennille Taraszkiewicz, Star And Producer Of ‘If I Can’t Have You’

Toxicity, testosterone, and a whole lot of satirical stabs at unhealthy boundaries and relationships are found in If I Can’t Have You<. Written by Todd Calvin De Pew and Matthew Santia, this independent psychological horror/comedy hits some high notes with its interesting blending of genres.

We were pleased to have the opportunity to chat with producer and star Tennille Taraszkiewicz about how she was approached for If I Can’t Have You, pulling double duties, and what director she would love to work with.

If I Can’t Have You is now available to stream on Amazon Prime. But first, check out the trailer below!

PopHorror: What intrigued you about the script for If I Can’t Have You and how were you approached to be a part of the movie?

Tennille Taraszkiewicz: Actually, I had the idea to start the project and ran it by co-writer/co-director Matt Santia. We had made short films together and wanted to make a feature. Our goal was to learn distribution for an indie film. We decided to make a movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I love the satire and meta elements of the story.

PopHorror: Were you always tapped to pull the double duties of starring in and producing?

Tennille Taraszkiewicz: Some days were harder than others. I put most of my focus into pre-production and then put trust into the team during production. That way, I could focus on being Diane while the crew executed the list.

BTS of If I Can’t Have You.

PopHorror: The characters within If I Can’t Have You are all flawed and some are just downright unlikeable. There is a lot of toxicity brewing in the story. Was this film a cathartic experience for the writers or yourself?

Tennille Taraszkiewicz: I think we were trying to draw out all of the cliches of people with checkered pasts that represent characters in ’80s and ’90s stalker flicks. I think for many of us, it was fun to play characters that are over the top.

PopHorror: What did you find most challenging about making the film?

Tennille in ‘If I Can’t Have You’

Tennille Taraszkiewicz: Our production was scheduled to start right as the state of Michigan was shutting down for COVID in 2020. We had to make some quick adjustments. Everything went well and nobody got sick, but it was still a stressful time.

PopHorror: If you could work with any director, living or deceased, who would you choose and why?

Tennille Taraszkiewicz: I would have to say James Cameron. I think his work is very beautiful to look at, like Avatar. and his stories are sentimental, like Titanic. Being on a project with him would be like a dream come true!

PopHorror: Where can folks follow you and find your work? What do you have lined up next?

Tennille Taraszkiewicz: People can see my collection of work at or find The Film Chic on Facebook or Instagram. My next project is Chasing the Ghost, and we go into production at the end of July.

We would like to thank Tennille for her time and hope you enjoy If I Can’t Have You, now available to stream on Amazon.

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