Danni Winn

Interview: Karen Fields, “Judy” From ‘SLEEPAWAY CAMP,’ Speaks Candidly On The Film’s 40th Anniversary

In November of 1983, Sleepaway Camp, a low-budget horror film written and directed by Robert Hiltzik, hit the big screens in New York City. The film’s classic dialogue, young cast, satisfying kills, and shocking conclusion earned word-of-mouth approval among fans. Eventually, Sleepaway Camp became a video rental smash and established …

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Review: Synapse Films 4K Two Disc Set Of Dario Argento’s ‘Phenomena’

Italian film legend Dario Argento is responsible for some of the most breathtakingly beautiful movies in horror. Significantly contributing to the Giallo sub-genre with films such as Tenebrae, Deep Red, Four Flies on Grey Velvet, Inferno, and of course, Suspiria, Dario Argento saturated screens with what would become his trademark …

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Celebrating Cronenberg – A Letter To The Influential Filmmaker On His Birthday

Dear Mr. Cronenberg,  March 15th marks your 80th trip around the sun. An auspicious occasion in itself, but you sir, are celebrating 80 glorious years on this earth, many of which were spent making indispensable films, writing novels, acting, and being a father. You helped create a new, subversive sub-genre, …

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A Bear, Blow, And One Of The Best Theater Experiences – A Thank You To ‘Cocaine Bear’

Cocaine Bear

The hype is real for Cocaine Bear. Across the country, movie-goers have been excitedly flocking to theaters to check out the highly anticipated and divisive new horror-comedy featuring a CGI bear coming across a significant stash of coke and subsequently running amok on a murderous rampage. A far fetched idea …

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Review – Mark Cantu’s ‘Wolf Hollow’ Is Wild And Gory

The world doesn’t have enough werewolf flicks, in my humble opinion. The lore of Lycanthropes, their bloodlust, and what I imagine would be a powerful, painful transition into a beast, have always intrigued me.  Contemporary times have left horror fans with a short stack of worthy werewolf titles. Some of …

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Interview: L.C. Holt From ‘You’re Next,’ ‘V/H/S 2’ Discusses His Role In ‘Party Bus’

L.C. Holt has been around the indie horror circuit for several years now, making his mark with appearances in You’re Next, Time’s Up, V/H/S 2, along with several others. Recently though, Holt stars in Carlos Berber’s bloody new film, Party Bus, where he plays Sean, a psychotic individual with a …

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A Sensational Lineup of Horror Royalty Descends Upon Sin City For Days Of The Dead

Days of the Dead

Las Vegas, Nevada, also known as Sin City, is a premiere destination for not only high-stakes gambling, but eclectic entertainment, and world-class dining. Adding to the variety Vegas offers this February 17th through 19th, is Days of the Dead.  Returning to the Plaza Hotel and Casino, off famed Fremont Street …

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Interview: Cult Icon Jackie Kong Discusses ‘BLOOD DINER’ (1987), New Comic Book ‘SPEND THE NIGHT’

Jackie Kong

Jackie Kong has been creating subversive content for many moons now. Beginning back in 1983 with the schlock, horror, sci-fi entry The Being, then the following year moving on to the irreverent comedy of Night Patrol, Kong didn’t hit cult paydirt until 1987 with Blood Diner.  Let’s face it, the 80s …

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Review: Marcel Walz’s Wonderfully Gory ‘La Petite Mort’

One of the latest additions to the Unearthed Films catalog is Marcel Walz’s, La Petite Mort. Conceived in 2009, Walz’s early walk on the wild side features the priceless FX talents of Olaf Ittenbach. If that name isn’t ringing a bell, well, ol’ Olaf is responsible for the likes of …

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Interview: David Sumner Talks About His Thriller ‘ReSet’

United States Army veteran, David Sumner, has always revered the art of filmmaking, and while in the military, he made a deal with himself to fund his own feature. ReSet – a psychological thriller following a young woman and her abduction from an unstable captor – is Sumner’s debut and …

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