Interview With Sydney Park, Star Of Netflix’s ‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’

I love teen slashers. Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Urban Legend… I love them all. If I believed in guilty pleasures, this would absolutely be one of mine. So when a new one pops up, I have to watch it. There’s Someone Inside Your House is a fun and gory addition to the genre that recently premiered on Netflix. It’s also based on a bestselling book of the same name, by Stephanie Perkins. While the film differs quite a bit from the literary version, it keeps with the spirit Perkins created. To celebrate the release of the film on Neflix, I spoke with star Sydney Park about why she wanted the part of Makani, her favorite part of filming, and horror movies.

PopHorror: Thank you so much for your time. The movie is so good.

Sydney Park: Thank you!

PopHorror: What intrigued you about the script and made you want to be a part of the project?

Sydney Park: Oh my goodness. Everything about it, honestly. I loved the writing, I loved the story, the diverse cast, but it’s not so in your face. It’s actually just real and what the world depicts is truth. I just really loved how fun it was and the emotional roller coaster, the mystery. It was epic, and I loved everything about it.

PopHorror: It looked like it was a blast to make. What was your favorite part of filming?

Sydney Park: I’d say my favorite part of filming… Of course being on set is so fun. It was all the in-betweens. It was all the in-between moments off camera. The laughs, the happy tears, some of the sad tears, just the support. That support system. We all lived in the same apartment building together while filming in Canada. We would go grocery shopping together. We went out to dinner. We really got to know each other, and through that, I feel like I really got to know myself. So that was my favorite part.

PopHorror: After reading the script, was there anything that you were adamant about bringing to your character?

Sydney Park: I was definitely adamant about bringing an element of sadness to her. I wanted her to be relatable and likable so she’s an internal character, but I felt she’s good-hearted and sweet. I wanted that to come through. I didn’t want her to be completely emo. I wanted her to have these layers of, “Okay, something else is going on,” but we’re kind of rooting for her, you know?

PopHorror: What I liked about her is that you can obviously tell that there’s something that’s dragging her down, like her big secret, but at the same time, she’s still laughing and having fun. She’s determined to live her life despite it. That’s what I loved about her. She has a lot of layers. This isn’t your first foray into horror. What is it that draws you to the genre?

Sydney Park: Girl, I think it’s just like God and luck. Seriously! I think all of these amazing projects from The Walking Dead to Wish Upon and now There’s Someone Inside Your House, it’s all been in this perfect alignment. And it’s introduced me to some of the best people I’ve ever met. So I think it’s a matter of respecting the genre and inviting that space. There’s Someone Inside Your House bends so many different genres. It’s like a John Hughes horror film, in a way. It’s like a slasher, but it’s an American horror story. It’s got all of these different tones. It’s so cool because horror will always make you feel something, whether it’s anxiety or whether you jump or you’re scared or you’re on the edge of your seat. It’s one of the only genres that will make an audience collectively feel something at the same time.

PopHorror: I 100% agree with that, and I really love that answer. Just one last question for you. What is your favorite scary movie?

Sydney Park: Definitely The Shining. I would say The Shining or Rosemary’s Baby, but I’m going to go with Jack Nicholson.

Thank you so much, Sydney, for taking the time to speak with us. Be sure to catch There’s Someone Inside Your House on Netflix now!

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