Interview with Ed Oxenbould, Star of ‘The Visit’ and ‘Better Watch Out’

Ed Oxenbould is a talented young actor who definitely leaves a lasting impression with every role he partakes in. Most people in the horror community know him from his stand out and comical character in The Visit. Now he’s bringing that same charm to a Christmas horror film called Better Watch Out, formerly known as Safe Neighborhood (read our review – here). Ed was nice enough to talk with PopHorror about the film, his character, and other fun stuff. Enjoy!

PopHorror – Hi, Ed, thanks for taking the time to talk with PopHorror. So how long have you been acting and what inspired you to do so?

Ed Oxenbould – I’m good, thanks. I’ve been acting since I was 5 or 6, both of my parents are actors, I kind of joined them in the business. I ended up signing with my Mom’s agent and started doing voice-overs until things got more serious.

PopHorror –  That’s cool. So, a big film of yours was M. Night’s The Visit. What was it like to work with him?

Ed Oxenbould – It was fantastic. I hadn’t seen a lot of his stuff beforehand but after watching The Sixth Sense and The Village, I loved him so much. He’s fantastic and has a brilliant mind; he was great to work with. Plus he’s just a total film fanatic and he’s put so much of himself into it.

PopHorror – He’s definitely amazing. I have to ask, for that film do you do your own freestyle raps?

ed oxenbould

Ed Oxenbould – I didn’t. That was all him. It was brilliant and I was surprised. I wish I had come up with it myself.

PopHorror – (Laughs) A lot of people were wondering, thanks for clearing that up. He is known for his twisted endings; did you know about the ending beforehand or did you go into it blind not knowing what would happen?

Ed Oxenbould – No, I didn’t know. When I got the part and read the script and came upon the twist it was very shocking. I didn’t expect that.

PopHorror – Speaking of crazy endings, your new film Better Watch Out, directed by Chris Peckover  is pretty twisted as well. How did you get involved with it and what was the experience like?

Ed Oxenbould – I mainly got involved because it was shooting in Australia and that’s where I’m from. I had hoped for the role of Luke, who is the lead of the film, but ended up auditioning for the role of Garrett which is Luke’s best friend. I had a quick short audition and then met the director. We had an instant bond and I pretty much got it straight after.

PopHorror – Although you would have been great as Luke, I’m glad you got the role of Garrett. Which character did you enjoy playing more? Garrett or Tyler from The Visit?

Ed Oxenbould – Ohhh. Both scripts were great. Tyler was more a comedic role along with his rap scenes and Garrett had a lot of funny moments but more serious issues that he was faced with. Both characters are great.

PopHorror – I definitely agree. Could you relate to your character at all in Better Watch Out?

Ed Oxenbould – Yeah, definitely. Well, not the hostage part (laughs) but other things for sure. He’s a very real genuine character and I think that’s what makes him stand out in the film.

PopHorror – SO true! Olivia played your sister in The Visit and then costarred with you in Better Watch Out once again. What was that like?

Ed Oxenbould – She played my older sister in The Visit and when I heard she was going to be apart of Better Watch Out, I thought this is going to be a blast.

PopHorror – Was there any fun behind the scene moments?

Ed Oxenbould – There was so many. I mean Levi and I got along so well. There would be screw ups and it would be so funny. It was a really fun script and Chris is such a fun guy. Olivia is so great. Everyone got along really well and it was a great collaboration.

PopHorror – Glad to hear it. So far I’ve seen you in two different types of horror films, do you enjoy working in the genre and do you have a favorite horror film?

Ed Oxenbould – I’m not a very experienced horror fan when it comes to straight up horror. I think they’re so much fun to film. I love films with twists and get a hold of your mind.

PopHorror – Well, I enjoy seeing you in them, it’s definitely working for you. Do you have any upcoming projects you would like to talk about?

Ed Oxenbould – Well, that’s kind, thank you. Yeah, I did two films after Better Watch Out. I did an Austrailian film called The Butterfly Tree. It might be getting a US release soon or maybe not. I also did a film called Wildflife with Jake GyllenhaalCarey Mulligan, and directed by Paul Dano. I was lucky enough to be a part of this and it was phenomenal. Super, super incredible. It should be coming out early next year.


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