Eric McEver’s ‘IKÉ BOYS’ Made its World Premiere at Fantastic Fest 2021

The new adventure film Iké Boys (read our review here), directed by A Utopia’s Eric McEver (read our review here), made its world premiere at Fantastic Fest on September 26, 2021. The film stars Quinn Lord (Trick ‘r Treat), Ronak Gandhi (Lucifer TV series), Christina Higa (Shadow Glass), Billy Zane (Dead Calm), and Yumiko Shaku (Hall).


Best friends Shawn Gunderson and Vikram ‘Vik’ Kapoor escape from the drudgery of high school life in Oklahoma through their obsession with all things Japanese. When a mysterious anime film transforms them into its superhuman characters, they at first think that their wildest fantasies have come true. But when ancient monsters threaten to unleash the apocalypse on New Year’s Eve of 1999, Shawn and Vik must look to each other to become the heroes they were always meant to be. Joining their adventure is Miki, a Japanese exchange student whose determination to go on a Native American vision quest puts her on a collision course with both Shawn and Vik and their foes…and whose destiny may determine the fate of the world.

Check out this clip below:

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