‘I Baked Him a Cake’ (Horror Short) is Deliciously Horrifying

Each year we celebrate our birthdays. If we’re lucky, we get to celebrate them with loved ones. Some look forward to it all day. But what if the person you’re waiting for never shows up? All this plus more happens in the dark horror story I Baked Him a Cake.

I Baked Him a Cake is a horror short directed by Vanessa Ionta Wright and written by Samantha Kolesnik who also was an executive producer on the project. The cast consists of two incredibly talented females, Fleece and Lillian Gray. The short is only 5 minutes but dives deeps into a deliciously horrifying story.

Official Synopsis:

Lenora, a young girl, wakes up excited to bake her father his favorite cake on his birthday. As Lenora bakes, she notices strange behavior from Mom. Meanwhile, Dad isn’t home yet and it’s growing late…

This is one of those horror stories that are creepy yet also heartbreaking. From the very beginning, you know the Mother has done something horrible. When you realize what she did it’s morbidly horrifying and also makes you wonder why.

I thought the casting was exceptional. Fleece and Lillian Gray compliment each other well as Mother and Daughter and give memorable performances. Fleece’s character is living in rage from something that happened with her husband. She’s only seeing red and nothing else matters at the moment. Lillian Gray is young and incredibly talented. Her character remains optimistic despite her Mother’s odd behavior and all she wants to do is celebrate her Dad’s birthday. I would love to see her do more films because I think she has a great career ahead of her.

Vanessa Ionta Wright is a talented director and I love everything she’s done thus far. Samantha Kolesnik wrote an incredibly dark story and left me wanting more.  I also love that her crew consisted of many females including producer/1st AD – Stephanie Wyatt, special makeup effects artist – Nadine Al-Remaizan, and art director – Emily Chomuik. Each brought something special to this short and made it stand out above others.

Overall, I Baked Him a Cake is definitely something horror fans will want to indulge in. The film will leave you with a feeling of emptiness as you struggle to figure out why this happened but is totally worth it!


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