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Book Review: ‘BELETH STATION’ by Bryan Smith and Samantha Kolesnik

Beleth Station

I recently had the opportunity to read Beleth Station, a CLASH Books new release from authors Bryan Smith and Samantha Kolesnik. I haven’t previously read either author but have been wanting to, and this seemed like the perfect way to get introduced to both. What did I think of this …

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Check Out The Films, Tickets, And Dates For GenreBlast Film Festival 2022

We’re so excited for this year’s GenreBlast Film Festival. Check out this film lineup! I know I personally can’t wait for The Barn II and Worst Laid Plans. What about you guys? Grab tickets for this Winchester, VA, event below. GenreBlast Film Fest has announced its lineup for the seventh year …

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Book Review: ‘True Crime’ by Samantha Kolesnik

Growing up, I was weird. Fat, acne, braces, glasses and ill-fitting clothes with a haircut my mom gave me. Definitely not the “cute” weird. I didn’t have a lot of friends, and the ones that I did, well, let’s just say I didn’t remain in contact with most of them …

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FGBFF 2019: Midnight Movies Short Film Block Review

Midnight Movies… A movie phenomenon that began in the 1950s that has continued throughout the decades. Usually considered a low budget and/or cult movie, with a creature of some sort running amuck, and shown with a host such as Joe Bob Briggs (read our interview with him here) or Elvira. Later …

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A Love Letter to Indie Horror Filmmakers: We Need More Horror Anthologies

I live and breathe indie horror. There’s just something so creatively raw and beautiful about it that makes my icy, black heart beat just a little bit faster. That’s why I enjoy supporting the genre in any way I can. I especially love horror anthologies. What’s better than getting to …

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Horror Short Review – ‘Mama’s Boy’ (2018) is Captivatingly Dark and Disturbing

mama's boy still

They say that no love is stronger than a mother’s love for her child, but after seeing Above the Line Artistry’s new horror short, Mama’s Boy, you may question that saying altogether. Let’s just say that this mom definitely wins the sickest and cruelest mother-of-the-year award in my book. Hauntingly …

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‘Friendsgiving’ (2018) Short Film Review – What Are Friends For?

I love holiday-themed horror movies, and I’ve always wanted more Thanksgiving ones. Luckily for me, I got this with the new horror comedy, Friendsgiving, a fun story about a time where friends can get together, catch up, and lend a hand or two… This horror comedy short was directed by Samantha …

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‘I Baked Him a Cake’ (Horror Short) is Deliciously Horrifying

Each year we celebrate our birthdays. If we’re lucky, we get to celebrate them with loved ones. Some look forward to it all day. But what if the person you’re waiting for never shows up? All this plus more happens in the dark horror story I Baked Him a Cake. I …

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