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‘Head Count’ (2019) Movie Review: Pure Nightmare Fuel

As a kid, I was definitely more fearless. I would play “Bloody Mary” or even bravely say “Candyman” three times in a mirror, without hesitation. You won’t catch me doing things like that now. I guess I’m too superstitious and cautious of everything I do. In the new horror film Head Count, a group of friends gather around to tell ghost stories and discover some stories should never be talked about.

This film is directed by Elle Callahan as well as written by herself and Michael Nader. The cast includes Ashleigh Morghan, Isaac Jay, and Sam Marra.

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Synopsis for Head Count

Newcomer Evan joins a group of teens on a getaway in Joshua Tree. While exchanging ghost stories around the campfire, Evan reads aloud a mysterious chant from an internet site. From that moment, someone–or something–is among them. As unsettling, inexplicable events become more frequent, Evan realizes this summoned shape-shifting creature is targeting them to fulfill a deadly ritual.

Head Count

I enjoyed everything about Head Count and it’s up there with my top favorite films of 2019 thus far. It has a unique and creative story line that builds tension and fear with relatable characters.

There’s many things I love about this story but one of them is the irony of how easily things could have been different. If Evan had stayed with his brother, he would have been safe. Instead he chose to hang out with a bunch of strangers and summoned a deadly shape-shifting creature. Everyone would have been fine if this moment had never happened. The shape-shifter creature is what really made this story stand out. The idea of not knowing something is among you and that it could be mimicking any of your friends is terrifying. It would totally mess with your head and gives me anxiety just thinking about it.

Head Count

The characters are realistic and relatable, which made everything flow nice and the chemistry between them all stand out. All of the performances are equally great and impressive. Ashleigh Morghan and Isaac Jay characters’ have a special bond and connection early on, but it’s not rushed or over the top.

The ending was crazy and horrifying. I didn’t see it coming and was pleasantly surprised. It’s just another thing that makes this story unique and creative. This isn’t a horror film that is heavy with blood or gore, but it will still send chills down your spine and mess with your head.

Final Thoughts

Everyone should check this one out. Head Count is fun, suspenseful, and complete nightmare fuel. You won’t be disappointed. The film is in theaters, and available On Demand and digital as of June 14th, so be sure to check it out!

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