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Shock Rock Mistress Miss Cherry Delight Releases Re-Mix of “Scorpio Witch” Called “Planet Scorpio (Ghost Stories Remix)”

Rock and Roll goes with horror like bullets and guns (Lost Boys pun intended), and it’s never a stretch to see a horror-inspired singer or musician meld both genres into a perfect brew of imagery and sound. Miss Cherry Delight is anything but conventional, and her catalogue consists of songs …

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‘Head Count’ (2019) Movie Review: Pure Nightmare Fuel

Head Count

As a kid, I was definitely more fearless. I would play “Bloody Mary” or even bravely say “Candyman” three times in a mirror, without hesitation. You won’t catch me doing things like that now. I guess I’m too superstitious and cautious of everything I do. In the new horror film …

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WTF Festival Presents ‘Ghost Stories’: A Fresh, Supernatural Anthology

Imagine living your dream career of debunking supernatural hoaxes and, one day, your childhood idol – the one who inspired your work – sends you a package including a personalized recorded message. Would this shock you? What if the individual also happened to be missing and presumed dead? I’m sure …

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