‘Followed’ (2020) Movie Review: You’ll Be Living At The Edge of Your Seat Through This One!

Between COVID-19 and everything else going on in the world, I haven’t watched a lot of new movies this year. I’ve mostly stuck with feel-good, nostalgic ones that bring me a sense of comfort and familiarity. However, I’ve missed indulging in horror, so I decided to give Followed a chance. It was a fantastic choice to ease my way back into all things bloody and gritty!


From Global View Entertainment, comes a new exciting horror directed by Antoine Le and written by Todd Klick. The cast includes Matthew Solomon, John Savage, Sam Valentine, Tim Drier, Caitlin Grace, Kelsey Griswold, and Christopher Ross Martin.

Synopsis for Followed

When aspiring social media influencer “DropTheMike” is offered a lucrative sponsorship to grow his channel, he’s joined by his video crew on a visit to one of the most haunted hotels in America, where he’ll give his audience a horrific night of thrill-seeking the likes of which they have never seen before. What begins as a fun investigative challenge including the infamous Elevator Ritual quickly descends into a personal hell of true evil, begging the timely question: how far would you go to pursue internet fame?

I’m not typically into found-footage type of films like this but Followed exceeded all my expectations. One reason is that the story and plotline are relatable and realistic. Podcasting and vlogging are incredibly popular right now and everyone is always trying to be the next big thing, keep relevant, gain followers, and hope for their big break. When Mike gets a spooky opportunity that will change his life, there’s no way he’s about to pass it up.


Although the jump scares are quite frequent throughout the film, it’s the brilliant use of lighting and editing that really amps things up. It was thrilling and chaotic and sent chills down my spine. I was constantly at the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next and who would be the first to bail. For the record, I would have bailed the moment things got weird. A creepy voice hovering over me? I’m out. Knocks at the door but no ones there? I’m out.

The acing is amazing by all parties but Matthew Solomon gives it his all and delivers an emotionally driven performance that will rattle you to your core. At first, I was irritated by how obsessed and driven he was about getting this footage at any and all costs, putting his friends and himself at risk, but then you see a vulnerable side of him. His desperation is coming from a good place just misguided and blindsided by what is truly happening in front of him.


Final Thoughts

Followed is one of the best newer horror films I’ve seen in some time and ranks high alongside this year’s The Invisible Man and The Hunt. Be ready to feel your insides jump and your pulse rise, because this is one nightmare you won’t forget. If you love a good mindfuck that delivers all the horror goods like blood, gore, maggots, and the supernatural… this one is for you! Followed is currently playing in drive-in theaters nationwide and is set to release on VOD platforms sometime this Summer.

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