{EXCLUSIVE} Chad Ridgely’s Feature Film Directorial Debut, ‘Self Isolated,’ Poster, Trailer, Stills, And Premiere Date

If you’ve been a long time reader here at PopHorror, you’ve probably heard me gush about Full Auto Films’ Chad Ridgely (Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood 2019). Between writing and starring in one of my favorite horror comedies ever, Massacre on Aisle 12 (2016 – my review), starring in 6:66 PM (2017 – my review) and Weedjies: Halloweed Night (2019), and building his own Murder Van, this multi-talented indie actor/director/producer/writer keeps himself pretty busy. Not long ago, I interviewed Chad about his feature film directorial debut, Self Isolated, and even shared some stills from the shoot.

Now, I have even more news about Self Isolated

Here’s the never seen before trailer right here!

And the brand new poster!

And fresh off the press film stills!

Self Isolated 2021, Chad Ridgely

Self Isolated 2021, Chad Ridgely, Maggi Mayfield

Self Isolated 2021, Doug Burch, Chad Ridgely

Self Isolated 2021, Chad Ridgely

Self Isolated 2021, Chad Ridgely

Self Isolated 2021, Rachel Alig, Chad Ridgely

Self Isolated 2021, Maggi Mayfield, Chad Ridgely

Self Isolated 2021, Maggi Mayfield, Chad Ridgely

Last but certainly not least, Self Isolated will make its world premiere at Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival in Buffalo New York on November 6, 2021, the festival’s opening weekend! Run by festival directors Gregory Lamberson (our interview) and Chris Scioli, Buffalo Dreams runs through November 5 – 11.


Solitude can be deadly.


A woman awakens from a coma to discover she is one of the few survivors of a global pandemic. With her caretaker husband missing and little recollection of prior events, her search for clues leads her to an unusual neighbor who may have something to hide.

The principal cast includes Chad Ridgely, Maggi Mayfield, Massacre on Aisle 12’s Doug Burch, Rachel Alig (At Granny’s House 2015 – our review, The Cleaning Lady 2019 – our review).

During our interview, Chad had this to say about Self Isolated:

Self Isolated is a horror/thriller that takes place under the backdrop of a global pandemic and follows the story of a woman who awakens from a coma to find her caretaker husband has gone missing. She’s got no recollection of past events, so she embarks on a search for clues that ends up leading her to a neighbor who may have something to hide. In fact, he does have something to hide. There’s some twists, of course, and a lot of tension and scares. And, although the story happens during the pandemic, it’s not about the pandemic. Instead, it focuses more on how the characters cope with being totally isolated from everything and everyone, and how that isolation can eat away at some people and really bring out the evil inside. It’s quite a thrill ride.”

When asked about the film’s inspiration, Chad replied:

“Being stuck inside during quarantine was the real inspiration for me. I decided that, instead of eating everything in my fridge, I’d satiate my hunger to be creative instead, and I did that by writing a script that reflected all the uncertainty of being isolated in a city under lockdown. I wanted to create a story that captured all the tension that everyone is feeling right now, and the apprehension of not knowing what’s coming next.

“And I thought, ‘Wow, imagine if you were waking up to this pandemic as your reality without even knowing what caused it.’ I mean, you and I are waking up to it every day, but at least we have some idea of how we got here. But for someone else waking up alone from a coma, with the world in a crisis and entire cities quarantined, how unnerving would that be? So, with that as the foundation of the story, and then to layer a horror thriller on top of that, to me, was the perfect basis for Self Isolated.”

Stay tuned to PopHorror for more news, reviews, and interviews for Self Isolated!

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