Final Girls Berlin Film Festival 2020 Review: Last Seen is Wickedly Brilliant

I know I’ve said it before, but I really love a great short. There is just something I adore about a finely crafted film that tells a complete story in under 20 minutes. Not only does Last Seen accomplish this, but does it with style and a little dark humor. Directed by Drew Van Steenbergen (A Lack Of Dating In Brooklyn 2017), the film stars Anna Seregina (On The Rocks 2016) as Emily, a fanatic of true crime who creates a hit podcast called Last Seen. which is named after, and dedicated to, solving the mysterious murder of her friend, Jessica, whose body Emily found. But she knows far more than she lets on. After all, we watch her murder her Jessica at the start of the film. And Emily will do anything – and I mean anything – to keep her podcast going.

I loved Last Seen. It was exciting and fresh, and Seregina gives a performance that’s equal parts earnest and sociopathic. The audience knows that she’s the killer, but her listeners don’t, so it makes her podcast reports that much more outlandish. But, she comes across so earnestly that you can see why everyone – including Emily herself – can believe her. It’s a knockout performance. Seriously, can we see more of Anna Seregina in movies? Get this girl her own show!

This is a clever, performance-led short that must be seen!

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