Deborah Voorhees Dishes on ‘Friday The 13th Part V’ and Her Upcoming Contest!

I am so in love with the summer time! It’s the best time to watch gory slashers. Who doesn’t sit down and watch all the Friday The 13th films this time of year? That is why I was so excited to hear that Friday the 13th alumni Deborah Voorhees is making a full length feature and running a contest to get the fans involved! Check out our interview here and learn how you could potentially meet your demise in her upcoming horror comedy The List!

PopHorrorDeborah, thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview and to chat about your upcoming film, The List!

Deborah Voorhees: No, thank you! It’s my pleasure!

PopHorrorHow did you get into film and into the horror genre?

Deborah Voorhees: In the 1980s, I went to Hollywood to become an actress. I wanted a star on Hollywood Blvd. It was a tough road. So many others were there fighting for the same roles. But I loved Hollywood, the film industry. It was a place where your work sold you. No one cared about your pedigree. I loved that mentality. If your work is successful, you’re a hero/not successful and you’re not…  I, like so many, was called in to to read for an unknown film called Rendition. I came in for three different readings. Initially, that role had already been cast, but the director wasn’t happy. The other actresses were playing it angry when their boyfriend asked them to go mess around in the woods. I played it flirtatiously because I knew no woman is angry because the man she loves wants her. Of course, the film was actually Friday the 13th, which I am told is still the most successful horror series ever made. Sometimes it seems like the fan base just keeps getting bigger. Crazy good!

PopHorrorAw, I love hearing the background on the secret script and how you got cast! What is it like to have the same last name as your on screen tormentor – Voorhees?

Deborah Voorhees: Pretty funny, actually. Once I was taking a check made out to Voorhees from Michael Myers. The teller cracked up. I usually tell people that Jason’s my husband. “It’s a bitch to get the blood stains out.”

PopHorror: (laughs) I think that is so awesome, though! What is your favorite thing about being part of such an iconic franchise as Friday The 13th?

Deborah Voorhees: That’s easy. The fans. Horror fans are the most loyal and generous fans out there. I have met some of the neatest people, many of whom I call my friends now.

PopHorror: I love hearing that. What is your favorite horror film?

Deborah Voorhees: My ALL TIME favorite is The Bad Seed (I’d love to remake that). The Exorcist scared me so bad I was afraid to watch many after that, so I guess I would have to count that one, but I’m not sure I want to see that one again. I like ghost stories such as The Others and Sixth Sense. Love The Omen and The Shining. HUGE Edgar Wright fan. Love his Shaun of the Dead. Love dark horror comedy like John Waters’ Serial Mom and Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein. I also like some older ones like Cape Fear.

PopHorrorYou totally should remake The Bad Seed! I also love Serial Mom! You’ve been offed in 3 different horror movies. How did you prepare for those scenes?

Deborah Voorhees: When I play any character, I try to lose myself in the part so I don’t even notice the camera or anyone on set. So my preparation is to practice disappearing and just letting the character take control. May sound odd, but it works for me.

PopHorrorSpeaking of being killed in a horror film, you have an upcoming project and contest for your latest film, The List. Can you tell our readers about how to get involved in the contest?

Deborah Voorhees: For years, I have been looking for a film that horror fans could hopefully love. I wanted to not only create a film that fans could love, BUT could feel a part of, all the way from pre-production/writing to production to editing to release. While we are having several contests, our big one is a “Win A Chance to be Murdered in the Horror Comedy The List.” Death Wishers can sign up at @voorheesfilms on FB, or go to or email me at We are also going to have a “Best Kill” contest, where fans can create their most unique kill idea. There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize. If the idea is used in the film, the person will be included in the credits.

PopHorrorI think that is so awesome how you are getting the fans involved! What do you want people to know about your film, The List?

Deborah Voorhees: The List spawned from a 40-minute dark satire I directed about a widowed socialite obsessed with murder. The piece was written by New York playwright Tom Sime and had been a part of the New York’s Gallery Players 17th Annual Black Box New Play Festival. I directed vivacious Molly Wickwire-Sante. She brought an amazingly off-kilter aspect to the character. Several horror film festivals have expressed interest. I have two locked in. One I can’t mention yet, but the other is Something Wicked Film Festival in Georgia.

I honestly didn’t realize that we had created a film that would appeal to horror fans. I learned quickly though when I was invited to sign autographs and show the film at Texas Frightmare. After showing the film, I was standing at that convention and had that wonderful “Aha” moment when you are 100% sure that you have the perfect vehicle to move forward. And a serial-killing socialite was born. Our socialite creates The List of those who have wronged her, however slightly, and offs them one-by-one. My influences for the film: Hitchcock’s Psycho (the dark shadows, the creepy mystery), as well as the off-ball dark comedy of the fabulous Edgar Wright’s Shaun of the Dead and John Waters’ Serial Mom.

PopHorrorWell, all of us at PopHorror can’t wait to see it! Do you have any other upcoming projects you would like your fans to know about?

Deborah Voorhees: I have a ghost story and a western in the mix, and a sci-fi film and possibly another horror comedy, but I am not ready to release the details yet. I still have much to iron out on those projects first.

PopHorrorI understand completely! I will be on the lookout for them though! What advice do you have for people wanting to break into the industry?

Deborah Voorhees: My best advice is DON’T wait for a job. Do the work. Get your work, your face out there for all to see. Don’t worry about money. Somebody has a camera, shop lights. Write something. A short. Anything that you find fun. Next is EDUCATE yourself. Sure, you can go to film school. College is awesome, BUT these days school is crazy expensive. It might not be worth it. Take classes on the internet. Take workshops from the pros (lots do them now). Do trial and error. Do the work and you will learn. Nothing but making a film can prepare you for making a film.

Be sure to go to @voorheesfilms to enter for your chance to get killed on screen! Also stay tuned to PopHorror for news and info on Deborah’s upcoming projects!

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