Chucky Bleeds!?! 30 Years Of ‘Child’s Play 2’ (1990) – Retro Review

Child’s Play 2 is a monumental horror sequel. It takes everything great from the first film and takes it into overdrive. The story connects both films flawlessly by showing how obsessed Chucky is with Andy. The film was released on November 9, 1990.

Directed by John Lafia (Man’s Best Friend 1993) and starring Alex Vincent (Child’s Play 1988 – read our interview with him here) and Brad Dourif (The Exorcist III 1990 – check out our retro review here).

The film takes place two years after Andy Barclay’s first encounter with the killer doll. After Andy’s mother is admitted into a psych ward, Chucky finds his way to Andy’s foster home. The little monster is determined to find Andy and place his soul in the boy’s body.

Although it’s not the scariest horror film out there, Child’s Play 2 is still an enjoyable ride from start to finish. The film doesn’t take itself too seriously and it works well, catering more around the comedy side of Chucky. However, there are some really creepy scenes. My favorite is when Chuck kills the schoolteacher. She had it coming. But his face as he slowly walks after her is a true testament to how terrifying this doll is. It’s a good balance of horror and comedy, and it gives the audience a false sense of security.

Child’s Play 2 is, without a doubt, one of my favorite horror sequels. I like it more than the original, especially the climax at the toy factory. What a great way to end the film! Plus, there’s the fact that Chucky sports a knife taped to his missing hand. I really enjoyed Andy’s relationship with his foster sister, Kyle, played by Christine McCarthy (Body Snatchers 1993). This film also plays with Andy’s PTSD from his first experience with Chucky, and I loved that aspect. It didn’t feel like Alex Vincent was acting; his reactions were so natural.

Child’s Play 2 works so well even 30 years later and still holds up today. Chucky is far more sinister in this film than I think he’s ever been. The acting is natural and charming. Definitely a worthy sequel in the franchise.

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