Interview with Alex Vincent, Star of ‘Child’s Play’ and ‘Descending’

I grew up watching ’80s films, so it’s always an honor when I get to talk to someone from one of my beloved classics. Alex Vincent is known for his role in the Child’s Play series as Andy, the little boy that Chucky is bound and determined to possess in the first three movies of the franchise. Although it’s been several years since those movies came out, Alex is coming back for the highly anticipated Cult of Chucky. He is also doing another great film called Descending. I’m sure by now that you’ve heard about both of them. In this interview, we got the scoop on his characters and other fun details. Check it out!

alex vincent

PopHorror – Hi, Alex! Thanks so much for talking with us. How are you doing?

Alex Vincent – Very well, thank you.

PopHorror – Good to hear! You’re known most for your iconic role as Andy in the Child’s Play franchise. How did that franchise impact you?

Alex Vincent – It’s changed my life in many ways. I’ve gotten to travel all over the world, meeting fans and attending horror conventions…. besides it being an amusing thing to tell new people I meet. It has opened up so many possibilities in my life. I am super grateful!

Little Alex!

PopHorror – I can only imagine! In the last few years, you’ve gotten back into acting. What made you want to do this? Also, despite starting at a young age, was it always something you loved doing?

Alex Vincent – I enjoy acting. The audition process is very challenging, often frustrating, and sometimes expensive. I haven’t worked full time as an actor since I was young, and I don’t ever expect that to be my main job again… but yes, I do enjoy it.

PopHorror – Understandable, but I’m glad to hear it’s something you still have a passion for. So, I hear you have a recording studio! That’s pretty awesome. Can you tell us more about it?

Alex Vincent – I have a fantastic studio in Clearwater, Florida. I’ve always been a huge fan of music and production. I graduated Full Sail in the top of my class for recording arts and always wanted to run my own recording and production studio. We have worked with over 100 local artists, and we offer the highest quality of professional recording. The live room at my studio is the perfect room for recording. We have a couple of major projects releasing this year… It’s been lots of fun! Check it out at!

PopHorror – I definitely will! It’s great that you’re living out both of your dreams. One of your new films is Descending. Can you tell us about the story?

Alex Vincent – Descending is a vampire story with several layers and in depth character development. It was a fun project to work on.

PopHorror – I’m super excited to watch it! How did you get involved with this project?

Alex Vincent – I was contacted by the director to play the role of Craven and was sent the script. My scene is very brief in the film, but I thought it could be a fun experience!

Still from Descending

PopHorror – No small parts! So, your character’s name is Craven. What’s he like? Can you relate to him at all?

Alex Vincent – Not in the conventional sense, as I’m certainly not an intuitive vampire hunter. However, you always find pieces of a character that are relatable.

PopHorror – (laughs) This is true. You’re working with a great group of people. Any fun or memorable moments on set?

Alex Vincent – They had some good shredded chicken on set… that’s always a plus! The whole experience was enjoyable. It was a good team of guys and I could tell how passionate they were about this project.

PopHorror – Mmm, you’re right… shredded chicken is always a plus! Beyond this, you’re also coming back for the Cult of Chucky film. What’s this experience been like for you after so long? Are you excited to play Andy again and be reunited with Chucky?

Behind the scenes photo on Cult of Chucky

Alex Vincent – Absolutely! It’s surreal to return to this character, but at the same time, a total blast! I’m hoping everyone really enjoys the new film. We froze making it!

PopHorror – Ohhhh, everyone is for sure stoked about it and wait, froze? Well, dang… hope you still have all your fingers and toes! Do you have any other upcoming projects or passions you’d like to talk about?

Alex Vincent – My studio keeps me very busy. We are always looking to work with new artists on a wide range of projects. Anyone interested should definitely get in touch!

Thanks again to Alex Vincent for giving us a few minutes of his time. Check back with PopHorror for more news on Cult of Chucky and Descending!

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