Mondo Games Announces ‘Disney Shadowed Kingdom’

Disney Shadowed Kingdom

Mondo Games has officially announced a new family game: Disney Shadowed Kingdom. This easy-to-learn 2-Player co-operative card game is the latest design from Imp House Games. Read on for the details! From The Disney Shadowed Kingdom Press Release In Disney Shadowed Kingdom, players take on the role of brave explorers, …

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New Horror Card Game, ‘Slice & Dice, Now Available for Pre-Order

You can now pre-order Slice & Dice, a new horror card game from creator Ash Hamilton, where players race for the highest body count. The game lets them choose one of five horror archetypes and incorporates movie knowledge to give horror fans an edge in gameplay. According to Hamilton: “It’s …

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Action Horror Game ‘Infernal Radiation’ PC Demo Now Available On STEAM

Infernal Radiation

Polish development studio Asmodev sends word their new action horror game, Infernal Radiation, is coming soon. There is a STEAM demo available now for PC ahead of the full release. Art Games Studio S.A. and Ultimate Games S.A. will publish. The game combines gothic and dark fantasy elements with horror …

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Crunchyroll Games Announces Launch Of ‘Mass For the Dead’ RPG

Crunchyroll Games announced the launch of a new fantasy RPG: Mass for the Dead. It’s based on the popular dark fantasy anime, Overlord. Fans will have the chance to step into shoes of their favorite Overlord characters including Momonga and Albedo. Momonga – He is the avatar of Satoru Suzuki, an …

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Hellish Tycoon Game ‘Hotel Afterlife’ Announced For PC, Consoles

Hotel After Life

Polish indie developer, Alrauna Studio, sends word that they’re working on a new economic strategy game called Hotel Afterlife. The game will be released on PC, Nintendo Switch, and eventually, other consoles. Gaming Factory S.A. will publish and distribute the game. You might know them from the Chains of Fury …

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Video Game ‘Attack On Titan TACTICS’ Unveils Valentine’s Day-Themed Content

Attack On Titan TACTICS

It’s February! You know what that means: Valentine’s Day! The folks at Crunchyroll send word that fans of Attack On Titan TACTICS can celebrate Valentine’s Day in style. In honor of the holiday, some of the fan favorite characters from the game will be sporting themed outfits. That includes Annie …

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Kojima Productions’ ‘Death Stranding’ (2019) Video Game Review

Death Stranding has been out for a months now, and it has had some negativity attached to it, with some reviewers saying it’s a glorified walking simulator. To them I say (*cue British accent*), “Poppycock!” and also yes, they may be slightly right. From IGN: The Death Stranding was a cataclysmic event …

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New Horror Mobile Game Now Available: ‘Rituals: Book of SKOG’

Now available from Curioso Games comes an exciting new horror mobile game called Rituals: The Book of SKOG. The game guides the players through the woodlands of Skog, where there they must perform rituals and cleanse evil presences in various guises. This game is the first major cross platform release …

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Heavy Metal Slasher Video Game ‘Down To Hell’ Hits Nintendo Switch

Down To Hell

A new slasher called Down to Hell is now available on Nintendo Switch. The game features a dynamic combat system, a heavy metal soundtrack, and a killer visual style. Fight your way through a heavy, dark atmosphere to face off against unique bosses and experience hand drawn film interludes. Previously …

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Everything We Know About ‘Resident Evil 3’… So Far

Resident Evil 3

When the very first trailer for the Resident Evil 3 remake released, I was skeptical. I may be one of the biggest Resident Evil fans you know, and I am all for character remodeling. However, the refurbishing of Nemesis wasn’t something that I was behind. There’s been another recent trailer …

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