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Trailer for John Keeyes’ ‘The Survivalist’ (2021)

We’re still smack dab in the middle of a global pandemic, yet there is no shortage of films coming out about viral outbreaks and what comes after. The latest is John Keeyes’ The Survivalist which stars Johnathan Rhys Meyers and pits him against John Malkovich. Check out the trailer below. …

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Blu-Ray Review (2019) ‘Satanic Panic’ is Horror Comedy Perfection

Satanic Panic

I’ve seen a lot of kickass horror movies this year, but after giving Satanic Panic a second viewing, I must say… it’s leaning towards making my number one favorite film of 2019. Everything about it is utterly fantastic and the Blu-ray is well worth every penny. This blood-drenched horror film …

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Ruby Modine, Star of ‘Satanic Panic’ And ‘Happy Death Day,’ Chats With PopHorror!

Through PopHorror, I have been very fortunate to interview many of the people that I love watching on film and television shows. I am appreciative of all of them! However, I must confess, getting the chance to chat with Ruby Modine is a highlight of my journalism career. She exudes …

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Interview With Chelsea Stardust, The Director Of ‘Satanic Panic’

Chelsea Stardust is the talented director of the Hulu Into the Dark feature, All That We Destroy. That film was an excellent entry into the series. She now has a new film on the way, a horror comedy from Fangoria titled Satanic Panic. That title alone should have grabbed your …

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Central Park (2017) Movie Review

Central Park is the directorial debut of  Justin Reinsilber. The film was actually shot in the 843 acre park and offers its own take on the slasher genre. This unique story is having its world premiere at Dances with Films this weekend. Let’s see what it has to offer. https://vimeo.com/163645013 …

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