BITS 2017: ‘Talking Heads’ – Short Film Review

Would you conform to social norms just to fit in with society? How far would you go? These are very real questions that are unfortunately answered in very disturbing ways in today’s world. As the Blood in the Snow Film Festival meets its end, I was fortunate enough to view just one more short film. That film is Talking Heads, written and directed by Alyx Melone.

Talking Heads is a frightening surrealist fable about the lengths to which a woman will go to be beautiful.

The title is very ironic considering there’s very little talking throughout the film. Even though there’s very little dialogue, this film’s message says plenty! Talking Heads beautifully illustrates the problems with society and what people are willing to do to themselves just to be noticed.

With a film that requires little dialogue, the actors’ demeanors are important. Michael Lipka tackled the role of the boyfriend who barely pays attention to our poor protagonist. He did a fantastic job portraying the stereotypical douchebag boyfriend. Cynthia Amsden plays the mysterious Head Dresser. She also did a fantastic job in her role!

Talking Heads was written by, directed by, and starred Alyx Melone. After just a couple of short films under her belt, Alyx has really proven herself as a multitalented filmmaker. I loved how she was able to change from a shy, lowly woman, into an emotionless mannequin. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with in the future! 

Final thoughts:

Talking Heads provides a clear message on society’s interpretation of perfect. It was a beautiful surrealist piece that was almost like an homage to films like The Stepford Wives. We need more talent like this in the horror community, cause this film was able to provide a terrifying thought: what if today’s world went one step further towards people literally destroying themselves in order to fit in?

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