Bite (2015) – Take a Bite Out Of This Review!

Grab some bug spray, apply generously, and get ready for this review of the 2015 film Bite.  I thought I would be a pal and warn you in advance.  Tomorrow morning would be really unpleasant if you awoke to find a gigantic sore, oozing with pus somewhere on your body.  The situation worsens when the sores start spreading to other areas.  At this point, the only question racing through your mind would be, “What in the fuck bit me?”  It is too little too late, though, because the transformation has already begun.  Are you going to keep telling yourself it is just a little bite or will you realize you are out of luck?

Directed by Chad Archibald, Bite kicks off with Casey (Elma Begovic) ready to party it up for her bachelorette party in Costa Rica alongside her two best friends, Jill (Annette Wozniak) and Kirsten (Denise Yuen.  This part of the movie is filmed found footage style as her friends do their best to document the celebration.  Right off the bat, the atmosphere is awkward because we learn Casey is having second thoughts about marrying her fiance, Jared (Jordan Gray).  He very much wants children but she is not so sure.  To get her mind off things, the trio decides to go swimming.  Seems pretty harmless, right? WRONG. Casey gets bit by something in the water and over the next few weeks, her body starts going through some very peculiar changes. To clarify, I’m not talking about puberty, which most certainly would be preferred in this case.


First and foremost, let’s discuss the make-up worn by Begovic.  The details were intricately done and allowed me to believe in what was happening to this poor girl.  Honestly,  I do not remember the last time a character freaked me out so much.  There were even a few times I caught myself wide-eyed with my hand over my mouth.  It just goes to show that even the most seasoned horror fiends can still get spooked!  So yes, the make-up plays a huge role in creating the horror vibe we desire and want.  Nonetheless, the actress would have to nail it as well.  Begovic does just that as you will not be able to take your eyes off of her.  In addition, she mastered this eerie head tic that dares us to come closer.  I wouldn’t recommend that unless you have a weapon nearby.

At the initial screening of Bite, branded barf-bags were actually handed out to the audience.  If you are queasy by nature, this film is probably not for you.  It is not gory in the sense of everyone being hacked up to death but you can expect a lot of vomiting along with various things that should never happen to the human body.  It is almost as if the film is giving off the message that there will always be things in life that are out of our control.  Things change on a dime so we have to be prepared for anything that comes our way.  Easier said than done.


After taking everything about Bite into account, I must say that I am impressed.  Archibald successfully crafted a horror film that is stocked to the brim with awesome make-up, grisly scenes, and creative characters.  Plus, he seems to be a director who really understands the nature of people.  All of the characters are selfish in their own way.  This didn’t make me want to care about any of them in the slightest but I didn’t need to.  All in all, I was left satisfied by the conclusion of the film.  However, it’s about time for me to re-apply some bug spray.  I suggest you do the same. Who knows what is lurking outside waiting to nibble on us?

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