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BITS Festival 2018: Hilarious Mockumentary ‘The Hoard’ Turns Reality TV Upside Down

From the brilliant minds of writer Tony Burgess and directors Jesse Thomas Cook and Matt Wiele comes the uproarious mockumentary film The Hoard, a hilarious look at modern reality television that takes a wildly horror twist. Burgess might be best known for Pontypool, a powerfully inventive spin on zombie films, but he has …

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Bite (2015) – Take a Bite Out Of This Review!

Grab some bug spray, apply generously, and get ready for this review of the 2015 film Bite.  I thought I would be a pal and warn you in advance.  Tomorrow morning would be really unpleasant if you awoke to find a gigantic sore, oozing with pus somewhere on your body.  The …

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