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Twinning is Definitely Winning in ‘Let Her Out’ (2016)

I’m a huge fan of Black Fawn Distribution, the Canadian powerhouse has undeniably become one of the most reliable companies on the planet. They are consistently delivering the horror goods, with killer must-see films like Horsehead (2014), Bite (2015 – our review here ), The Heretics (2017 – our coverage of poster and trailer …

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Bite (2015) – Take a Bite Out Of This Review!

Grab some bug spray, apply generously, and get ready for this review of the 2015 film Bite.  I thought I would be a pal and warn you in advance.  Tomorrow morning would be really unpleasant if you awoke to find a gigantic sore, oozing with pus somewhere on your body.  The …

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