Interview With ‘Rose Blood – A Friday The 13th Fan Film’ Director Peter Anthony

In the wake of Friday The 13th: Vengeance¬†(2019 – read our review here), horror lovers have been wanting to see more fan films. To answer that call, long time Friday The 13th fan Peter Anthony will be directing his own version in the form of Rose Blood – A Friday …

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How ‘Never Hike Alone’ Set The Standard For Fan Films

For many years now, fan films have become a favorite for all especially fans of the horror genre. It’s these fan films that give viewers a much more enjoyable experience as it’s commonly hailed as a film made by fans for fans. They leave a permanent mark for viewers to …

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Austin Film Festival 2020 Review: Michael Lovan’s ‘Murder Bury Win’ is A Fun Game Of Death

murder bury win

One of the best things about black comedy films is the even balance between humor and suspense. It always gives viewers a tongue and cheek suspense feel while at the same time giving them something to laugh at. This film gave me something to remember it by and that film …

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Rene Rivas’ ‘The Tent’ (2020) Movie Review: A Run Into The Unknown

Throughout the years, up and coming filmmakers have put forth their dedication towards making their projects become a reality. Whether it be a feature length film or a short, these filmmakers invest the time and effort to make sure their films look the best they can. It’s this type of …

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Chain It! Drown It! Payback Arrives In The Upcoming ‘Friday The 13th: Vengeance’

Friday the 13th: Vengeance

With the future of the Friday The 13th franchise on hold, filmmakers are making movies dedicated to the beloved franchise, both as a tribute to the the ultimate Mama’s Boy and also to inspire others to make their own films. Director Jeremy Brown (Mythos: A Friday the 13th Fan Film) …

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Interview With ‘His Name Was Jason’ Director David Brown

With the new wave of Friday The 13th fan films reaching its pinnacle, Director David Brown daringly separates himself from the pack with a more grounded and realistic Jason. Brown plans on filling the gap of Jason’s survival in a bold and clever plot. His work will give hardcore fans …

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Why A New ‘Halloween’ Video Game Adaptation Must Happen

Michael Myers has been widely regarded as one of the greatest horror icons to ever grace the screen, striking terror into the hearts of both characters and audiences. Many fans hoped to see Michael be featured in his own video game, and it wasn’t until 1983 when the Haddonfield Boogeyman …

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‘Halloween’: 5 Potential Directions The Franchise Can Go In

With David Gordon Green’s Halloween roughly 3 months away, many horror fans have been wondering what the future holds for Michael Myers’ own personal¬†franchise, curious to see what other changes could be made to the slasher series, whether it be on a cinematic, TV or streaming scale. Here are five …

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Why Cody Faulk’s Film, ‘Voorhees,’ Will Change The Horror Genre Forever

Fans throughout the years have embraced the horror films closest to their hearts, some to the point where they eventually make their own fan films. Regardless of the budget, they make these tributes out of passion, putting in all of the hard work and effort to make it happen. Despite …

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