3 Horror Films About Necrophilia That You Should See

3 Horror Films About Necrophilia That You Should See

There are multiple taboo topics in the horror community ranging from scary to downright horrific. One that gets the most nervous looks is the subject of necrophilia. This sexual deviancy has been talked about in movies that have shocked the nation. The idea is depraved and twisted, something that, once the line is crossed, there’s no going back either mentally or physically. In films, however, we have the ability to be transported to a front row seat of this heinous act of sexuality. Today, we’ll be talking about the top three films I feel are a great look into this topic.

The first film we’re discussing is about, without a doubt, the person that paved the way for this topic: Ed Gein. Deranged was directed by Jeff Gillen and Alan Ormsby (Popcorn 1991 – read our retro review here). This was the only film that Jeff directed, and yes, he played Santa Claus A Christmas Story. Deranged feels like a heartbreaking doc into the life of a man who spent his years caring for his mother only to lose her—and himself—with loneliness and heartbreak. The freezing temperature of the snow showcases the background as we watch Ezra Cobb (Roberts Blossom: Home Alone 1992) mourn for his life as he goes out and digs his mother up from the grave. In his eyes, she’s just been sleeping and is not dead, but in reality, she is only the vessel of a former person. The film shows the ugly truth of Ezra as he begins to uncover more dead bodies and create a new life with the dead. Deranged is the story about Ed Gein that created a legacy of morbid curiosity in films about this topic.

The second film on my list that deals with necrophilia is one I had to re-watch again to fully understand. Contracted by Eric England (Get the Girl 2017) and starring Caroline Williams (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 1986) and Dementia II’s Najarra Townsend (read our interview with her here). I remember seeing the film when I was younger and thought it was a bit too long. I enjoyed it, but I’d just wish the runtime was shorter. It wasn’t until recently re-visiting the film that I could appreciate the amazing character development and structure of the journey of a woman who’s raped by a mysterious guy. We don’t see his face, but know his act is terrible and ungodly, especially when we find out what he’s actually doing. As  develops, the final reveal at the end of Contracted is completely rewarding to witness. The film does a great job taking two horrific events with topical struggles and elevating them into a true nightmare.

The final film and perhaps the one that truly goes above and beyond in horror and shock is Tetromaniac: eROTik by Nightmare Symphony’s Domiziano Cristopharo (read our interview with him here), inspired by the acts of Jeffery Dahmer. Within the first five minutes, you are aware of the direction Domiziano is going right to the end of the film. It doesn’t hold back or even stop for you to catch your breath. Visually, TetromaniaceROTik is incredibly hard to watch, but fans of true crime and horror will feel intrigued watching the acts unfold that explore the depravity of necrophilia. This film isn’t for the squeamish, but it’s one that should be watched. It’s hard to pinpoint what scene stands out the most or was the hardest to sit through because the whole film keeps pushing the envelope. One scene that is hard to watch is a kill that doesn’t spare time building up but gets right to the point. The film is a mixture that can be seen as pornography, sexuality, and lust that doesn’t hold back just like the true story itself.

This wraps up my list of three horror films about necrophilia that you should check out. There are tons of movies that deal with the topic, but I feel these films stand out the most and deserve a watch.

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