‘The Killer Of Grassy Ridge’ (2020) Is A Solid Atmospheric Short – Movie Review

An atmospheric short with a wicked twist is always a welcome treat in my book. The Killer of Grassy Ridge, directed by Johnny K (The Walking Dead: The World Beyond 2020), is one of those films. It stars Kevin Conn (Bonus Content 2014) and newcomers Michael Stumbo and Heather Stone.


The Killer Of Grassy Ridge tells a simple story: a sinister-looking man (Stumbo) is in the woods burying something. Meanwhile, a smiling woman (Stone) is enjoying a hike nearby. A radio near the man crackles, broadcasting the news that there is a serial killer on the loose and that another body has been found in the Grassy Ridge area. We think we know how the story will end, but do we?

Overall, The Killer of Grassy Ridge is a fun short film. Johnny K did a great job establishing an air of eerie creepiness right from the start. Stumbo plays an effectively weird character, and I give him props for this role, especially since he didn’t have any lines. Stone is also excellent, imbuing her character with a sweet, calm serenity. In the end, the success of this film relies on the twist, and boy is it a good one!

The Killer of Grassy Ridge is a solid short and well worth the watch!


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