Telluride Horror Show 2020 Short Review: ‘Red Light’ Will Make You See RED!

One of my favorite shorts of 2020 is hands down the brilliant horror, Red Light, which premiered at the Telluride Horror Show 2020. It was written and directed by Alex Kahuam (Escondida, Forgiveness). Red Light was a proof of concept and stars horror icons Ted Raimi (Ash vs. Evil Dead, Deadwax) and Brian Krause (Charmed, Cypher), with the feature film adaptation currently in development. Produced by Marco De Molina (Southern Tale, Influencia).

Synopsis for Red Light

An obnoxious social media influencer and a group of friends on their way to a Halloween party find themselves in a grim world of hell when they run into two twisted brothers. Not even one of their 1 million followers can help them now.

I loved everything about this short. It was so fun, obnoxious, and delightfully twisted. You know it’s a good short when it delivered a better story than most features do and leaves you wanting more!

The characters in Red Light are ungrateful assholes and I’ll admit I had no pity for them as their lives flashed before their eyes. Maybe if they weren’t jerks they wouldn’t have been such an easy target. Then there’s Ted Raimi. Enough said, right? No, but seriously I love this man and his love for horror. He’s fantastic at everything he does and it felt like this short was written for him. He played the role perfectly and it was wicked good.

Another things I loved about this short was the awesome cinematography and exquisite lighting. They both created an intense and dark atmosphere that spelled out DOOM. The end has a specials little twist that I didn’t see coming. For all you blood and gore hounds, there’s puddles of it to go around in Red Light.

Final Thoughts

I’m grateful I had the opportunity to check out this horror short for the Telluride Horror Show and I can’t wait for others to see Red Light and hear their thoughts on it. Stay tuned for our upcoming interview with the one and only Ted Raimi as well.

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