A Gory Good Time: ‘Triggered’ (2020) Movie Review

Triggered is an upcoming horror film directed by Alastair Orr (House on Willow Street 2016). The film stars Liesl Ahlers (Friend Request 2016 – read our review here) and Reine Swart (The Lullaby 2017 – read our review here). Triggered is making its North American debut on November 6, 2020.

Let The Fun Begin

The film centers on a group of old high school friends who find themselves trapped in a game during an unsuspecting camping trip. After waking up from being drugged by an unknown enemy, the members realize they are strapped to a vest rigged with a bomb. The group learns that there is a way out of the fiasco; they must kill each other to get more time. The person with the most time at the end, or the only one still alive, wins.

This film is so fun to watch as friendships unravel and deep-seated jealously takes shape. Triggered does a great job at taking the Saw formula and twisting it into its own idea. The plot is very well thought out, and the dialogue is natural, thanks to writer David D. Jones (The Passenger 2020). The actors are so good that I thought they were real high school friends. The chemistry is incredible.

There is also a nice video game aspect to it. The screens on the bombs reminded me of an arcade screen showing who had the high score or the most time. It really was like watching a game… a very twisted, bloody game.

Bloody Fun

Triggered is also incredibly gory, and some of the kills were outrageous, which added to my enjoyment. I often found myself with my jaw on the floor at how brutal some scenes were.

One of the major aspects of the film that I would like to touch upon is Triggered was filmed entirely in South Africa. Plus everyone on the cast and crew were South African. A huge and inspirational feat by everyone involved.

Triggered is such a fun movie to watch. It is very well made, from the cinematography to the direction; everything works so well. You can see the passion and hard work that went into making this film. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes horror films that have a plethora of gore. Or, if you just want to have a good time watching a film, then put Triggered on your list. This film hits On Demand and Digital November 6!

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