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Viral Films UK Launching Crowdfunder For ‘Into The Black Abyss: Deathstream’

Long time readers know that we are big fans of Mark Daniel Young and James Craigie’s Viral Films UK over here at PopHorror. In the past, we’ve reviewed their shorts, For Her… (2017 – read the review here) and Run (2016 – read the review here), and are always up …

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Viral Films UK’s ‘For Her…’ (2017) Horror Short Review

What is it about love that makes people so crazy? Even Shakespeare couldn’t resist penning a tale about two star-crossed lovers and the insane and even deadly choices they each made to stay together. In Viral Films UK’s horror short For Her…, we see just how far one man is …

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Run (2016) Demonic Horror Short Review

Like many of the writers here at PopHorror, I love horror shorts. They not only offer a bite sized chunk of scares but they also only require a fraction of the time investment of a full length feature and you don’t have to wait long for the good stuff. I’ll …

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