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Tobe Hooper’s ‘THE FUNHOUSE’ (1981) Original Score Available On Vinyl From Waxwork Records

The Funhouse

Tobe Hooper’s THE FUNHOUSE is a wonderful, underseen 1981 American slasher film, and Waxwork Records is bringing John Beal’s original soundtrack to you on glorious vinyl! Read on for the details! From THE FUNHOUSE Press Release Waxwork Records is proud to present THE FUNHOUSE Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by John …

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Interview: Steve Merlo, Writer And Director Of The TCM Fan Film, ‘The Sawyer Massacre’

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and the character of Leatherface have become titans in the genre since their inception in 1974. The small-budgeted movie made in the heart of the Lone Star State continues to earn fans as new generations discover its greatness. It’s surprising, that despite the popularity of …

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Gun Interactive Reveals Launch Date and Technical Test for ‘THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE’ Game

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Gun Interactive (Friday the 13th: The Game) has revealed the launch date and technical test for  The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game. The game will launch on August 18, 2023, and the official technical playtest is set for May 25, 2023.  Eligibility for the test will be limited, but further …

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Coming Soon to UHD: ‘The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’

Coming soon from Dark Sky Films is the long-awaited UHD release of director Tobe Hooper’s (Mortuary) 1974 horror classic, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The movie will be released in deluxe 4K UHD and 4K UHD steelbook. Both will have a bonus disc with supplementary material. They are available on …

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Tobe Hooper’s ‘Invaders From Mars’ (1986): A Cult Classic Kids’ Horror Movie – Retro Review

One question we horror fans hear a lot is: What’s a good scary movie? What’s the one movie that really scared you? This is a question I hear often, and honestly, I always answer it truthfully. There are tons of movies that horrified me and some I just love to …

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Celebrating Tobe Hooper’s ‘The Funhouse’ (1981) 40 Years Later! – Retro Review

The Funhouse is one of my top horror movies, and that’s because it combines two of my favorite things… the campiness and life of a carnival and gooooooore. Released on March 13, 1981, this slasher classic packs a wallop of both. Teenager Amy (Elizabeth Berridge: Results 2015), her boyfriend, Buzz …

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Freddy Krueger: How His Evil Evolved #10: Freddy’s Nightmares (1988)

Freddy's Nightmares

Remember when Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) had his own TV show called Freddy’s Nightmares? Many of us do, but it was definitely different from the film series. Krueger was normally relegated to a Cryptkeeper role, where he would essentially host the individual episodes. Many of these stories were more wacky …

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Documentary, ‘Reflections of the Living Dead,’ Available Soon on Blu-Ray and DVD

Tempe Digital has announced that the vintage zombie documentary, Reflections of the Living Dead, will be available soon on Blu-ray and DVD. The film is directed by Thomas Brown and features George A. Romero, John A. Russo, Russell Streiner, Karl Hardman, and Tobe Hooper. It will be available on May …

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What Do ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2’ and ‘The Breakfast Club’ Have In Common?

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 was not designed to be a critic’s darling. Not only was it more disgusting than the original film (which actually garnered acclaim), but its sick sense of humor was more blatantly obvious. Part of that humor is in its poster, which ought to be considered …

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James Wan and ‘IT’ Scriptwriter Resurrecting Stephen King’s ‘Salem’s Lot’

Stephen King is, once again, a hot commodity. He really always was, but it seems we’ve fallen in love with King on the big screen all over again. A wave of talented writers and directors have breathed new life into some classic King staples recently, like IT (read our review …

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