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‘Molly’ (2017) Movie Review

I really dig post post-apocalyptic stories. There is something about the world as we know it ending that brings out the best and worst in humanity. It makes for compelling storytelling. A couple months ago, I saw the trailer for the film Molly, and it looked amazing, and now, I’ve finally …

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Sci-Fi Action Film ‘Molly’ Hits DVD and Blu-Ray

Are you a fan of dystopian worlds, unflinchingly brutal action and strong female characters? Then I have a movie you won’t want to miss! Molly is a sci-fi action film full of hard hitting action and a badass female hero. Molly was just released on DVD and Blu-ray this week. Check out …

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Artsploitation’s ‘Molly’ Heading To Home Video and VOD


Molly is an electrifying and imaginative tale of one young woman’s determined struggle to survive in an inhospitable world. It tells the tale of a girl living alone in a post apocalyptic wasteland who finds herself hunted down by marauders. Their goal? To get her to do battle in their …

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