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Terror Films New Film Release: ‘LIFE OF BELLE’ Coming Soon

Coming soon to Digital from Terror Films and director Shawn Robinson (Parting Song) is a new found footage horror film: Life of Belle. The film features Lilli Albert, Kelly Black, and Lyla Black. Synopsis On July 18th, 2018, eight-year-old Annabelle Starnes went missing. No leads have surfaced since. In hopes …

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Robbie Smith’s ‘GRIEVE’ (2023): An Atmospheric Horror Drama – Review

Grieve (2023) is relatable to anyone who has experienced the loss of someone close as they understand the nightmarish existence that the monster called grief creates. This horror drama submerges the audience into this terrifying, dreary abyss.  Grieve (2023) Synopsis Sam is grieving the tragic loss of his love. A …

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Coming Soon to Digital Platforms From Terror Films: Robbie Smith’s ‘GRIEVE’


Coming soon to Digital from Terror Films and director Robbie Smith (Morning Deliveries) is a new horror film: Grieve. The film stars Paris Peterson (Cam) and Danielle Keaton (Darkening Sky). Grieve Synopsis A man engulfed in the suffocating grip of loss finds his life fragmented. Struggling to navigate through his …

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Jake Robinson’s FFF Creature Feature ‘The Wendigo’ (2022) – Movie Review

Jake Robinson’s film, The Wendigo, had a limited release back in 2022, and will release worldwide on August 4, 2023 through Terror Films. Let’s take a look at this creature feature and see if it’s worth your time. Synopsis: After a social media star disappears in the woods of North …

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Coming Soon from Terror Films: ‘DARK ENTITIES’ (2023)

Dark Entities (2023)

Coming soon from Terror Films and director Brandon McLemore (The Moan) is a new horror film: Dark Entities. The film stars Elena Ontiveros (God of Dreams), Jackson Lee Turner, and Angela Moore (Nine Divine). Dark Entities (2023) Synopsis Following a tragic accident in 1977, the three Winters siblings move into …

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Available Soon On Digital and On Demand: ‘Followers’

Coming soon to Digital and On Demand from Terror Films and director Marcus Harben (The Blood of Wynter) is a new horror/comedy, Followers. The film stars Nina Wadia (Aladdin – 2019), David Sterne (A Knight’s Tale), and Harry Jarvis (The Dare). It will be available March 24, 2023. Synopsis: Jonty, …

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Coming Soon to Digital: ‘The Burial’

The Burial

Coming soon to Digital from Terror Films and director Michael Escalante (To Raise Hell) is the new horror film, The Burial. The film stars Spencer Weitzel (Halloweeners – TV Series), Faith Kearns (Dreamer), and Aaron Pyle (Memora). It will be available March 3, 2023. Synopsis: When Molly’s boyfriend gets a phone …

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You’d Better Study For Your Life: ‘CRAM’ is Coming Soon to Digital From Terror Films


Coming soon to Digital from Terror films and director Abie Sidel (Some of Her Parts) is a new horror film: Cram. The film stars John DiMino (Smoke in the Air), Brandon Burton (Kill Me Twice), and Rolando Chusan (Invasion – TV Series). CRAM Synopsis We all do what we gotta …

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