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Available Now on DVD: ‘Snow Monster vs. Ice Shark’

Available now on DVD from ITN and director Huang He (Snow Monster) is a new kaiju-inspired giant monster movie Snow Monster vs. Ice Shark. The film stars Juncheng Wu (Legend of the Ancient Sword), Yongxian Zhang (Snow Monster), and Tang Xin (Restart the Earth). Synopsis: With the rapid development of …

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Available Now From ITN Releasing: Cheng Si-Yu’s ‘Land Shark’

Available now from ITN Releasing and director Cheng Si-Yu (Fist of Fury: Soul) comes a new adventure film called Land Shark. The film stars Luo Li-Qun (Universe Password), Xi Mei-Li (The Flying Guillotine), and Tang Xin. Synopsis: A scientific group attempting to genetically modify a shark creates a destructive deadly …

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