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Check Into ‘The Guest Room’ On VOD this October from Red Water Entertainment

The Guest House

Red Water Entertainment has announced the North American VOD debut of Stefano Lodovichi’s The Guest Room (La Stanza). This is the latest feature from Lodovichi, following his debut Aquadro and follow up Deep in the Wood. The Guest Room stars Guido Caprino (“Il commissario Manara”, “That Dirty Black Bag”), Camilla …

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Italian Thriller ‘Deep in the Wood’ is Bone-Chillingly Good!

deep in the wood

In the last year or so, films circulating around Krampus have been quite popular. The legend of the mysterious creature stealing kids on Christmas is too good of a story to pass up. Recently, I watched Deep in the Wood, which brushes upon the Krampus culture and more. Deep in …

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Deep in the Wood (2015): A True to Life Horror Story

There is nothing more terrifying to a parent than having a child go missing. The haunting fear of unanswered questions preventing closure wreaks havoc on the parents’ lives, doing irreparable damage. Deep in the Wood, a 2015 Italian feature directed by Stefano Lodovichi, realistically reflects this parental nightmare with a …

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