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Even More Juicy Details About ‘American Horror Story: Cult’!

The new season of American Horror Story will kick off in less than two weeks. Excited fans are chomping at the bit to get even tiny kernels of information on this season, titled Cult. So far, we’ve gotten cast lists, teasers, a trailer, and the opening credits. Reported by EW, this …

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Watch the Opening Credits for ‘American Horror Story: Cult’

american horror story: cult

Ryan Murphy teased last Friday that we would get to see the title sequence for the upcoming 7th season of American Horror Story: Cult. As always, he was good on his word and gave us something for more creepy than expected! Because you asked for it…"American Horror Story: Cult" MAIN …

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American Horror Story S7 Theme Revealed!

Fans of American Horror Story have waited patiently all summer for word on the official theme and title of the upcoming season. While we have gotten and reported some news in regards to season 7 – cast members including Girls’ Lena Dunham, returning characters, some blue hair, a brand new monster, possible filming …

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Twisty is Back for ‘American Horror Story’ Season 7!


Guess what American Horror Story fans?! Yes, the rumors are true… our favorite sadistic clown with a smile that only a mother could love is coming back for American Horror Story season 7. All hail, Twisty! Ryan Murphy decided to share a little gem with us on Instagram today, stating “He’s …

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First Look at Evan Peters on Set of American Horror Story: Election

Filming has begun on season seven of American Horror Story and the first set pics have leaked. In at least a few of them you can see Evan Peters sporting blue hair with it pulled back into a bun, while his arm is in a sling. It will be interesting …

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The Red, White, and Blue: Did Evan Peters Color His Hair Blue for ‘AHS’ Season 7?

season 7

Not too long ago, we found out that American Horror Story season 7 will revolve around the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Little has been said about the season other than that the first episode will have a ten minute opening of the election night and will feature real footage from …

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Take A Look At ‘American Horror Story’ S7’s New Monster!

Every season of American Horror Story has had its freaky monsters. In Murder House, we had the Rubber Man, a featureless BDSM specter made of shiny black latex. We got the gloriously hideous Bloody Face from Asylum who wore a mask made of human skin a la Leatherface from Texas …

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The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 6 “Swear” Recap

You know how we’ve all been wondering what happened to Tara (Alanna Masterson) and Heath (Cory Hawkins) since they left to go scavenging last season? Yeah, me neither. Apparently, their stories are not ones TPTB want us to forget, and this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, titled “Swear,” is …

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