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Filmmaker Sam Mason Brings A Little Bloody ‘Normal Terror’ (2020) Into Our Lives

One of the great things about independent horror is that there is never any shortage of incredible ideas. Quite the opposite, in fact. Sometimes, there is such a ridiculous abundance of brilliant projects out there, it’s tough to keep track of them all. The intrepid team at PopHorror never like …

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Michael Moutsatsos’ ‘The Butcher’ (2019): Los Angeles Has A New Maniac – Movie Review

The Butcher

Filmmaker Michael Moutsatsos (Stalkerazzi 2013) is a self-proclaimed movie nerd and horror geek. Channeling such films as Maniac (1980), Hostel, and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, he crafted a beautiful love letter to the grindhouse genre with 2019’s The Butcher, which will be available later this month on the Avail …

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