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‘Shevenge’ (2019) Anthology Review: 12 Stories of Horrifying Revenge!

I absolutely love anthologies and female horror ones are the icing on the cake. Shevenge is a new anthology produced by horror guru Staci Layne Wilson and is made up of several existing short films directed by women. It also spotlights an all-new bite-sized horror flick plus bookends hosted by the lovely Vanessa Gomez. I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into this anthology and see if was as great as it looked.

Shevenge is made up of 12 different flicks ranging from subtle psychological scares to all-out gore. Sociopaths, serial killers, spirits, and avenging angels abound. The shorts include Wilson’s Psycho TherapyIzzy Lee’s For A Good Time, Call, Kate Beacom’s All Men Must Die, Michelle Nessk’s Just A Girl, Angela Atwood’s Lady Hunters, Misty Dawn’s Hooker Assassin, Cheryl Isaacson’s The Fetch, Tash Ann’s Glass Ceiling, Karen Lam’s Doll Parts, Wilson’s Karma Is A Bitch, Keely Martin’s Recipe #42, and Elaine Xia’s Metamorphosis.

Shevenge Anthology

After viewing this anthology three times, I can honestly say this is one of my new favorites. Although some of the shorts shined a bit brighter than others, all of them are delightfully delicious in their own way and each story brings something new and fun to the table. Each director has their own style and vision of revenge, which makes this anthology successful and entertaining.

Hooker Assassin

Shevenge is broken down into four parts with wraparounds including Part One: Kiss and Tell, Part Two: Murderous Moms, Part Three: Anger Mismanagement, and Part Four: Love You To Pieces. I loved how they were all connected by themes yet all delivered different stories, none remotely the same as the other.

As far as stories go, I loved the revengefulness of Psycho Therapy, Lady Hunters, The Fetch, and All Men Must Die. I felt extra empowered after watching these shorts play out. Sometimes watching revenge safely through your television screen is the best and cheapest therapy ever.

Doll parts - shevenge

The special effects in Metamorphosis, For A Good Time, Call…, and Doll Parts are fucking awesome and stick with you long after the story is over. I totally didn’t expect that ending from Doll Parts! Along with that, I love the dark design and aesthetics in Just A Girl as well as the message behind it.

I really enjoyed the performances from Cortney Palm and Jessi Daniel Hampel in Hooker Assassin as well as the badass ladies in Glass Ceiling. The mother in Metamorphosis is eerily brilliant and a badass biatch. And then there is Jennimay Walker in Recipe #42 who is delightfully charming, but dreadfully so… once you figure out why she invited you over for dinner.

Recipe #42

As far as shiny new shorts go, Wilson’s never-before-seen Karma is a Bitch was inspired by the notorious Michelle Carter, who was convicted in 2017 in her boyfriend’s texting-suicide murder case. I really loved this one. Dani Inks plays a passive-aggressive sociopath who sadistically encourages the person she loves to commit suicide. She’s ruthless. Meanwhile, Anastasia Elfman’s performance is equally riveting. She portrays her pain and misery and the dire need for love and attention so realistically that it’s uncomfortably painful to watch. I loved everything about this short and the special twist at the end that makes revenge all that much sweeter.

Vanessa Gomez is the perfect horror host making the wraparounds a delight to watch. They’re brief, entertaining and a great foreshadowing of the horror that is to come. She also helps make each part of the anthology transition smoothly with a witty and charming conversation and a fun play on words.

Hostess Vaness
Hostess Vanessa Gomez

Final Thoughts on Shevenge:

Although I loved the female horror anthology XX, I have to say Shevenge is far superior in many aspects but especially the storytelling. With every anthology, there’s always one or two stories that aren’t so great among the mix, but with Shevenge they’re all awesome and bring something different to revenge city. I’m so glad Staci Layne Wilson pursued this idea and went with it because it turned out great. I think this idea should happen more often. There are so many great shorts out there that don’t get enough love or attention beyond festivals, but by using them to create a powerful anthology it opens many doors for it to be seen.

Not only is this an amazing anthology that I think everyone will love, but the net profits from Shevenge are going to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund. Seems truly fitting if you ask me. So, please check out this new horror anthology on amazon for free by clicking – HERE. You won’t be disappointed and anyone with prime can access it. Shevenge will also be available via limited edition DVD next month, September 2019 and you can pre-order it – HERE.

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